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Monday, April 25, 2005

Another level for Bloggers......


"...We may want to experiment with the concept of using bloggers to supplement our daily coverage of news on the net. There are of course inherent risks in this strategy -- chief among them maintaining our standards for accuracy and reliability.

Plainly, we can’t vouch for the quality of people who aren’t regularly employed by us – and bloggers could only add to the work done by our reporters, not replace them. But they may still serve a valuable purpose; broadening our coverage of the news; giving us new and fresh perspectives to issues; deepening our relationship to the communities we serve, so long as our readers understand the clear distinction between bloggers and our journalists...."

The above was part of the speech delivered by the media moghul Mr.Rupert Murdoch to the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Read the detailed speech here.

Nowadays, more no. of blogs are dedicated to critical analysis / counter attacking the original story published in the Old media (like this one). However, there are some original blogs as well where they take up & discuss the subjects afresh (like this one). This brings out the fact that the process of journalism has changed its face, a lot.

Not only the way of news sharing has changed, but the source of advertisement income is also being shared by Bloggers nowadays along with the internet media. It is clearly visible from Mr.Murdoch's speech, that he & his alike are trying to find soultion / treatment for the headache caused by the blogging community. Anyhow, march on bloggers.....

BTW...is there anyone attending the 3-day sessions organised by Media Bloggers Assoctn at Nashville during May 5-7, 2005? Is it a serious stuff?


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good one..

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