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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bips getting muted.. in "Sachein"

Two questions arise on this issue of banning a movie at the last moment.

  • Why all these people are moving the High Court at the last moment? The music album of Sachein was released two weeks before itself. Was it because the album has become a hit, Gemini film circuits wanted a share out of the Pie?
  • Is the music played by Devi Sri Prasad, his baby or the producer's baby? It is like finding out the ultimate source for a human baby - the father or the mother? The Financier or the Composer???

Nowadays these kind of problems (lifting stories, songs etc) are coming up regularly. It even happened in the case of Chandramukhi, when Fazil (director of 'Manichitrathazhu') brought up the issue to get some more royalty. Since there is no legal framework to arrest these issues, I believe these issues will continue forever.

Bips' fans will be relieved to some extent that the song is not being removed from the movie. Now that the tunes have to be replaced immediately, it is interesting to watch Devi Sri Prasad's next move. Can he compose something attractive so quickly? Or Does it matter, when Bips occupies the screen anyhow?


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