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Friday, April 22, 2005

Friendly Foes!!!! - Movie in Production for a long time....

Story discussion
6 people want to join a Club (which has 5 members already). Not only 2 existing members oppose the expansion, some outsiders are also pulling the legs of those 6. What will happen in the climax?

Fit in the Characters
Hey,does it look like a story for next David Dhawan movie (Dushman no.1) or does it look like an event happening in TN panchayat board meetings? Pl. don't be mislead.

This is happening in an International arena.

Getting the Permanent seat in the UN Security council is becoming a nightmare for the countries aspiring for it. Each country has its own strengths & aspirations. But most of the countries (whether existing SC member or not) who are opposing this proposal, have their own reasons.

As we all know Japan, Germany, India, Brazil are aspiring for the seats along with (2 out of 3) African countries viz South Sfrica, Nigeria, Egypt. Their proposal for expansion of security council which currently comprises of WW-II allies, has opposition from specific countries.

Brazil has USA, Japan has China, Germany has Italy and India has Pakistan, as the opposing UN members for this proposal.

Last week, we had seen several protests in Chinese cities against Japan's proposal to join SC. They hv their own reasons, since they were asking for apologies from Japan for WW-II atrocities - which affected China directly. Today Japan's PM has asked for an apology in an International forum.

Pakistan has its own reasons and is placing counter proposal & soliciting support from other disgruntled nations. ("Whether I get or not, my neighbour should not get it" policy). Eventhough UK-France-Russia are not against the expansion, will the proposal be approved by the majority of member nations? (Germany's addition will put in 3 EU countries into the SC, which some existing members are not comfortable with)

World Big-wigs talk so much about smooth relationship / peaceful world etc., But if they feel it is against their country's personal interest, they don't support a proposal.

Climax of the Movie
Now going to the opening remarks of this post....Will the story (David Dhawan's movie) end with a positive climax or will it hv sequels (like the one Simbu assued of at the end of Manmadhan)?


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