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Saturday, April 16, 2005

KAZCHA - 'kaltha' given by whom? Vikram or Vijaykanth...

Initially there were news that Vikram would be doing the remake of Mamooty's last Malayalam hit Kazcha, after 'Anniyan' project.

I expected that Vikram will perform very well, if it is remade. There were talks that the Gujarat earthquake background shown in 'Kazcha" might be replaced by the recent Tsunami events.

But the latest news is that Vijaykant would be doing that remake, playing Mamooty's role. This has spoilt my mood compeltely.

Anyhow, interesting news is that Vikram may act in Malayalam director Blessy's new tamil venture. (Blessy was the director for 'Kazcha'). Can they come out with a different story without compromising for commercial expectations?


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