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Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Metti oli" in Singapore..

Everybody knows that tamil megaaaa-serial 'metti oli' can be seen in Singapore..(My wife used to record it and watch it the next day morning) I am not talking about that.. the story itself has moved...(BTW.. it is nearing 800th episode)

Now the blog content...

'Metti Oli' story has moved to Singapore as well. Earlier, it moved around Indian Cities like Mumbai, Kuttralam etc., This arrival follows their successful stage show, held in Singapore one year back.

During one of the film festivals held here in 2004, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) invited Indian film & TV production companies, to shoot their movies/shows here. I remember reading that they were given concessions to include Singapore as part of their stories, and not just as a tourist spot in the story.

Earlier Zee TV serial 'Astitva' moved their story to Singapore for few episodes. Of late, I heard that some more hindi movies / shows were also including Singapore in their stories.

Now 'Metti Oli' has moved two of its characteres to Singapore (the last daughter of Mr.Chidambaram) and the guy who still chases her (!!!). In the local TV (Vasantham Central) news yesterday, they showed more 'Metti oli' artists (particularly Chethan's mother & sister) departing Changi Airport after their recent shooting here..... That means, some more Characters & politics arriving Singapore.

Good tactics to attract tourists. Isn't it??


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kalakreenga Ram.

Thursday, April 21, 2005 7:47:00 PM  

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