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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Somemore Space Please..One more person joining!!!

This photo brings back my college day memories...

During one of my college holiday weekend, we planned to go to a friend's (who was a hosteller) village. The village is located somewhere near Kovilpatti town. I forgot the name. (may be Chathirapatti).

Since we didn't get frequent buses, we boarded a bus which was about to leave then. Boarded -- where?? Not inside the bus. But on top of the bus, where they used to keep big Sacks of vegetables/fruits. We were not the only passengers sitting on the top. Few other villagers were also giving us company.

Anyhow, it was a perfect rural ride (believe or not, I even slept for a while on the top - due to the breeze) and perfect rural holiday.

Some more space please!!! Posted by Hello

Now come to the present day situation. Recently when I went to Chennai, I saw (not experienced) similar bus rides. The only difference is that the Chennai Bus Authorities didn't allow people to sit on the top of the buses. But rather, they allowed them to hang on the windows. Typical Example, is bus no.12B which shuttles between Vadapalani & Pattinapakkam.

In Singapore, generally the public won't vote for a crowded location unless some sales promotion is going on there. Since the Public Transport System is too good here, people will wait for the next bus or train, rather than getting into the crowded one. They don't like getting squeezed during a travel. We can observe the same from their faces. There, we Indians score a point. Irrespective of the crowd, we tend to get into the available bus or train.

We generally don't feel like waiting for the next one.


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