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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Teaching of Basics



Ah, Aah (first two tamil alphabets)

Wait, Wait....I am not learning the basics, just because it is my first day today.

These are the tamil movie names, released earlier and under production.

123..as you know is a Prabhudeva brothers release.

ABCD... what a name? I am not sure, if the director will be able to make this successful after his previous movie "Citizen". Anyhow, Sneha is acting in it. Hope it makes a difference for the director.

As you know, Ah, Aah is from our naughty director SJ.Suryah. What does he hv in his stores? Something interesting rather than controversial.

Is there any other tamil movies in the pipe line with other tamil alphabets like "Ka Gnga Cha.."(tamil uyir mei ezhuthu)or English alphebets like "XYZ"? Who knows? Somebody may pick up from here.


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