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Friday, May 06, 2005

India's Progress Report :-( :-(


"India, despite being an IT superpower, is ranked only 49th" - The Economist

Inspite of recognising India's strength in IT, "The Economist" has ranked India in 49th place in its latest progress report for Global E-readiness (this is out of world's 65 largest economies).

Poor show, indeed. Denmark, US, Sweden occupy the first 3 positions, Singapore the 11th position and China the 54th position.

Courtesy: The Economist

Nowadays in India, we can see the absoulte growth in the telecom industry. But the speed has to be increased a lot without corruption, to reach the ultimate point. Hope our I.T. progress report is brought to the Indian I.T. minister Mr.Dayanithi Maran's attention for necessary action.

Recently, he was congratulated as one of the best ministers, by a popular Indian Magazine, for the accomplishments in his ministry. (I remember this specifically, since SUN TV had a detailed report on it!!! Probably they didn't hv Kalaingar's message that day :-) :-) He has done something already. We can pat Mr.Maran on the back, little more, if he achieves somemore as required out of him.

Let us not be just a team member, as we were all along and let us improve our position to the top level. Let the things happening in the corporate level (ref. Mr.Arvind Thiagarajan), happen at the Government level also.


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