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Thursday, March 23, 2006

To make migration, easy…

Another way to migrate to rich countries… as these players have done it.

Ok.. that’s a long report. To make it short…

“… War-ravaged Sierra Leone has now lost half of its team after another four of its competitors vanished. Boxers Gibrilla Kanu and Alie Kargbo and two cyclists, believed to be Alhassan Bangura and Mohamed Sesay, became the latest to go missing.

Seven vanished on Wednesday -- a weightlifter and six members of the athletics team. That takes the total to 11 missing from a delegation of 22. Sierra Leone is one of the world's poorest and most corrupt countries and 21 of its team of 30 went missing at the last Games in Manchester four years ago.

They have visas until April 26 and will not be considered illegal aliens until then, police have said…”

Seems these guys have exploited, this opportunity to visit the country and mix in the ocean of illegal immigrants. I am assuming that they will stay even after Apr-26 without a valid visa. Difficult to blame them as well, considering their economy’s situation. This has become an inherent problem all over the world, in the ‘so-called’ rich countries.

Consequences of being ‘Rich’…. !!!

[Nowadays, I am observing lot of African nationals in Singapore Little India area also (behind Mustafa) .... Not sure, if they belong to the above category!!]
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