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Friday, May 06, 2005

Why this Acid Test??


This morning, I stumbled upon this news in one of those free papers being circulated in the MRT stations / certain Housing Board block.

Aahaa..this is again on a Blogger.

A Singaporean Blogger (Acidflask) has shut down his blog temporarily (Reason sighted by him is his exams..) The local newspaper "TODAY" has come out with an article on this issue, which is self-explanatory. Must read for a blogger like you. Acidflask might hv crossed the invisibly drawn line, without knowing that he is crossing. (apply the heading of my blog post here.. )

This is just to bring to the attention of fellow Indibloggers, as another incident in the bloggers' world. No Malicious intent.

Pl. refer to my previous posts as well on bloggers' deeds, if u hv not read them. (post-1 & post-2)


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