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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

After a long break…

Its long time, since I had entered this area… As I replied to some of our blogger friends, got tied up with several issues and in between had a short trip to India as well. Eventhough it was short, was able to visit couple of temples in and around Kumbakonam and Tanjavur. A good trip..

Since I had stayed in Madurai for a long time and had been to the Meenakshi Amman temple regularly, I used to have an urge to visit Tanjavur Periya Koil at the earliest. This time we specifically planned & included it in our route. Some of those pics are here..

Eventhough the height of the tower didn’t excite me that much [overshadowed by the tall buildings I had seen of late], the efforts put were visible. I could recall a recent Discovery channel episode on this temple, detailing the efforts behind this massive structure in those days. The Lingam which was erected in the main shrine was huge, the size of which I had not seen earlier anywhere. I need to admit.

Looks like, the temple is undergoing renovation. Eventhough the campus looked old, revealing its age, I thought that the restoration could have started long back. The tourist arrivals were less visible, due to which the surroundings looked neat.

Italians and French are talking so much about the paintings of Michelangelo and others in their museums. It is a pity that we didn’t take care of our paintings at an appropriate time. Even if we want to do it now, it would be difficult to get back to the images closer to the original. That’s what I could realize when I observed these paintings.
Few of those 1008 nandhis erected on the Outer wall.

Visited couple of other noted temples as well including one in Papanasam (near Kumbakonam) with 108 Lingams. Seems the story could be dated back to Sri Ramar & Anjaneyar’s return from Lanka, to absolve from the war sins.

Hope to come back to this arena soon, with continuous posts.

Keep visiting.... :-) :-)
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