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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu - Review

Another movie, which was not in my list, came up for viewing so soon after its release…. Just a passing remark from my colleague, made me to accompany him to the nearby theatre.

Since I had observed many movies of Kamal Haasan, failing in the box office after initial hypes, I didn’t have much expectation before entering the hall. Except that, it was Gautam’s third tamil directorial venture.

The narration of the story line is very simple. If you had read some good crime novels of Sujatha, Rajesh Kumar, Subha or ‘Pattukottai’ Prabhakar, you will feel like patting Gautam on his back for the screenplay. For a long time, I have not seen a nicely woven Tamil racy thriller.

DSP Raghavan gets involved in the investigation of his mentor’s (Prakashraj) daughter’s brutal murder. Later, he is forced to go to US to co-ordinate in the investigation of his mentor’s murder as well. By co-incidence, he meets Aaradhana (Jyothika) and moves around with her. The way, he is tracking the killers and the subsequent follow up in India, has been narrated in a tightly knitted screenplay.

Kamal fits the stone faced police officer’s role to the core. This has resulted in his dominance thru out the movie. He doesn’t have much scope for his emotional expressions, except at the time of his ex-wife’s death. Balaji, who appeared as the police officer friend of Surya in ‘KK’, has violently taken up the role of the maniac killer. He fits the role perfectly. Jo & Prakashraj make their presence felt in this hero dominant subject.

Even though Gautam has specifically mentioned that it is another page of a police officer’s life, he has taken more care to ensure that the hangover of ‘Kaaka Kaaka’ is not revealing anywhere in the movie. The impact of that treatment could be observed in the lack of romantic encounters with Jo, which was felt very much in his earlier venture.

In a thriller movie where you could see less romantic scenes , it would be hard to find comedy. It’s the same story here. I could observe only two passing comments, which made me to smile. One, when Raghavan was wondering on a beggar’s remarks about policemen taking bribe from him and another, when he corrects Jo that he is not a software guy, but a police officer “alias hardware guy”.

Harris Jeyaraj’s re-recording is excellent and the songs have been picturised very well thru Ravi Varman’s lens.

’Karka Karka..’ title song starts the proceedings with a bang.

Kamalinee Mukerjee is very cute & expressive in the ‘Paartha Muthal Naale’ song, with the only odd factor of Kamal’s oversized body in the frames. If some technical expertise had helped Kamal to portray a slim / young body in the flashback scenes of 8 years back, it would have been great.

Newyork’s night life has excellently been captured in that ‘Manjal veiyal..’ song, even though the Goan song of ‘Sikki Muki..’ is not at all required.

The movie appears to be very long (2hr 45 min). But Gautam’s favourite editor Antony has made it interesting to watch like a close one-day cricket match or like Federer Vs Nadal’s Wimbledon’06 finals. Ravi Varman’s camera work is excellent. You could observe an international excellence thru his lens, while observing the American cities, towns and suburbs.

1) The Technical excellence of the team - Tight Screenplay of Gautam, Crisp editing of Antony, Excellent Camera work of Ravi Varman, Catchy tunes & re-recording work of Harris Jayaraj
2) Kamal’s screen presence through out the movie

1) Too much of realistic brutal murders, may make someone sick

The movie is a Slick, Crisp, Racy Entertainer… which can raise up the B.O. collections in ‘A’ centres, since it is more of an urban oriented subject. For those, who love to watch a racy movie with an excellent crew, it would be a treat to watch this for its technical excellence in all departments.

But, I could sense that the family audience, especially ladies, may keep away from the halls, because of the realistic portrayals of gory attitudes of maniac killers. It was not the case of ‘KK’ in which a sensual line of romance was running till the end of the movie.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Hello, Bangalore….!!!

That was a hard decision to make… But, I finally made it. One of the reason for my long abstinence from blogworld.

Two weeks are over, after I stepped into Bangalore. When I got this assignment with this reputed technological leader, I couldn’t decide whether to take it or not. Lots of questions cropped up regarding the viability, comparability, the relocation factors etc.

The first one to be struck off was the comparison factor. Life & the associated rewards are always different in various parts of the world. However, I found it hard to convince various parties who were around me. Different quarters had different opinions. Some felt that I was making a hasty decision leaving behind the $ earnings, Standard of living etc., which were comparably better than the Desi ones. However, some realized and accepted the fact that the move which I was making an appropriate at this point of my career, to achieve an expected growth and elevation. Anyhow, the final decision was ours (mine & my wife’s).

Even though, there were lots of loose ends left pending in Singapore, I arrived here exactly two weeks back…

My experience over the past two weeks can be summarized like this…

@ Good office environment meeting my expectations.

@ Known traffic congestion on the Bangalore roads (since I’m used to the Chennai’s Kodambakkam/ T.Nagar/ Teynampet mad rush).

@ Horrible pot-hole roads at important junctions and Roads. Nothing is going to happen, just because I’m mentioning it, since so many IT-gurus have highlighted this earlier.

I had a chance to go thru Sarjapur Road, where one of the campuses of Wipro is located. I could understand why Azim Premji is repeatedly reiterating for improvement in the road infrastructure. Check out this exclusive POTHOLE site for this city famous for potholes nowadays, rather than the gardens.

Couple of things are sure, if we travel in that Sarjapur road…
a) Pregnant ladies can be assured of a normal delivery
b) If you have a back ache, it will go away. If you don’t have one, you will get it.
c) Children (going to those international schools in the rural villages there) will have enjoyable bumpy rides.
d) Auto Drivers, in which we are commuting, are sure to ask for compensation for the auto parts which would come off during the ride. Next time, I should try for a good car and check out the impact…

More will continue soon… on my subsequent hunts.
272nd post