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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is it the final tag? Ok, Let us go...

There were so many tags going around the blogworld for the last one month. I finished all my earlier tags on Books, Tamil Film Music & Personal one. Now this is the last one (for the moment!!!) on the best 10 Tamil Films which I have seen - as I was tagged this time by Munimma.

Eventhough, I try to restrict myself to only one Cine post every week, I have been tagged as Cine Crazy guy.. even my wife does it. Atleast, I don't talk that much on movies when my wife is around. I try to show my prowess on Economics, Business, Positive thoughts when she / few other persons are around. Still, my mind tries to connect any particular incident to a scene from a movie. That's the extent of my obsession to this alluring topic.

So, let us go into my list...

Mullum Malarum - Mahendran brought out a different Rajini in this excellent movie. If I am not wrong, this was a short story written by Su.Samuthiram (pl.correct me, if I am wrong) and the screen play was developed beautifully on that script. What an wonderful casting apart from Rajini - Shobha, 'Padabat' Jeyalakshmi, Sarathbabu... I love this.

Moondram Pirai - An award winning performance by Kamal, which was narrowly missed by Sridevi for this movie. A memorable one by the entire team of BaluMahendra, Kannadasan, Ilayaraja. Still couldn't forget the last station scene. Nice portrayal by Kamal.

Muthal Mariyadhai - The best Sivaji movie, I ever liked. Subdued performance by the thespian, duly matched with Radha, Vadivukkarasi and so many others - were well brought out by BharathiRaja. One of the best mesmerising work of Ilayaraja. Deserves the national award it got.
Sindhu Bhairavi - The best list won't be complete without KB. A classic movie from this veteran, which is watchable even after few decades. It is an apt movie for 'chinna kuyil' Chitra for getting a national award. I liked Suhasini's role very much, which had been etched out nicely.
Vedham Pudhithu - Good subject, nicely handled by BharathiRaja. Superb performance by Amala and Satyaraj had lifted the movie to a great extent. This movie's script (by Kannan) deserves the national award, which it got. We need to wait and see if Kannan can bring out his skills in his upcoming 'Amirtham' (Navya nair).

Mouna Raagam - Nobody could have brought out the husband and wife relationship earlier, as Mani did in this movie. A nice blend of friendship and love between the couple. No words to tell about PC.Sriram's work here. This is the one movie, in which I would appreciate Mohan for exploiting his skills without overdoing it.
Keladi Kanmani - A surprise hit by Vasanth brought out the versatile acting skills of SPB beautifully. I became a fan of SPB's acting skills then onwards. Even in the subsequent average/flops like Kaadhalan, Ullaasam I liked his characters.
Mahanadhi - Striking movie by Kamal. I couldn't come out of this movie for two days. No words to describe his acting skills. One of the realistic movies of Kamal.

Porkaalam - Cheran's superb screenplay/message/direction in this movie - brought out a different genre of directors in Kodambakkam. The importance of life to disabled people was brought out well by Murali. Eventhough, the movie had some sad twists, Cheran ended it with a positive approach. (One of the positive thing about Cheran)

Azhagi - Thankar Bachchan's first directorial venture had raised the eyebrows of everyone. A sensitive subject, nicely handled by the director and performed in a fanatastic way by Parthipan & Nandita Das. A poetic film.
Actually, listing down 10 is a very difficult task for me..... Atleast, I should have been given a chance to list down 50 - since I had covered so many movies from my childhood. I can mention some more tamil movies, which are still memorable to me, here -
Aaril irundhu Arupadhu Varai, Azhiyatha Kolangkal, Poove Poo Chooda Vaa, Mana Kanakku (RC.Sakthi), Naayagan, Poo Vizhi Vasalilae (Fazil), Veedu, Anjali, Samsaram athu Minsaram, Chinna Gounder, Kizhakku Vaasal, Roja, Bombay, Indian, Love Today, Thulli Thirintha Kalam, Kaadhaluku Mariyadhai, Vetri kodi kattu, Kannedhire Thondrinaal, Sethu, Alai Payuthe, Anbe Sivam, Pithamagan, Autograph, Kaadhal..... and it will go on. Let me stop here...

As many comments to my earlier E-nniyan post, had forbidden the tagging phenomena - I am little bit hesitant to tag further. Still I feel that the following may not take it offensive, if I tag them.... I hope, they love it too. I hope the tagging fever will come to end soon.

Let them have the discretion to continue..... Enjoy the weekend....
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

O..GOD, a message for you, from our client

You are too busy.. So, you are unable to go to the temple to make your offerings. Don't worry.. Just a message. God can hear you...!!!!
Isn't it strange?
But check out the services offered by these Mobile providers in India. Whatever you need to offer personally in a temple, can be proposed thru SMS. The Virtual God is ready to receive your prayers and accept your applications. I agree that the technologies have improved a lot. But does this new service really gives you the satisfaction of going to a temple and pray from your heart? I doubt.

Nowadays, I am observing several people praying mechanically in the temple. If they are small kids, I can accept that they are playful. But not for every soul in the temple. The reason behind this attitude is because of minimal time spent on sharing the religious thoughts. Now, due to the heavy commercialisation & technological enhancements of all the religious activities, the younger generation may further lose their faith on what they are doing. They may consider this as another hi-fi mobile game(!!!).

Just a connection to the above issue. 3 months back, I remember observing a blog post on the cleanliness in the temples. In India, the temple administrations do their best to clean up the places around the temple premises. But still, you can see the Indianness everywhere.. like Coconut fibres, Camphor covers, Dried flowers, Oiled Sanctum walls etc., (I remember seeing Cows inside the sanctum in Varanasi temples, when I was there two decades ago).
You may hardly see those surroundings in Singapore or London or U.S. temples. In addition, some temples (closed ones) may have Airconditioned halls. The question is whether you will get a religious feeling in such a clean place or not. (the blogger's contention was that the Indianised prayer feeling is missing, overseas).

Most of us, are used to the crowded / darker / oiled sanctums and may still prefer that. Getting a religious feeling in an Airconditioned / well lighted / clean sanctums, may be hard for most of us. But, I believe if the communication (prayer) between us and GOD is clear, the end result (peace in mind) can be arrived. I may not mind the clean environment and may not ask for an environment of (Dark sanctum) Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple or Varanasi Viswanathar temple (crowded with all creatures).

If this cleanliness itself, disturbs our communication with the GOD (according to few perceptions), how do you rate these new technological services? Do you feel like going nearer to the GOD with these services?
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Monday, June 27, 2005


(Thanglish format in the comments section)

The latest Email forward in the rounds!!!!

E-ன்னியன்: 5 email forward பண்ணினா தப்பா?
Email User: ஒன்னும் தப்பு இல்லீங்க

E-ன்னியன்: 5 லட்சம் பேரு 5 email forward பண்ணினா தப்பா?
Email User: தப்பு மாதிரி தாங்க தெரியுது!!

E-ன்னியன்: 5 லட்சம் பேரு 5 லட்சம் தடவ 5 email forward பண்ணினா தப்பா?
Email User: பெரிய தப்பு தாங்க!!

E-ன்னியன்: அது தாண்டா நீங்க எல்லாம் பண்ணிகிட்டு இருக்கீங்க!! வெட்டிப் பசங்களா!! போய் வேலையப் பாருங்கடா!!!
குபாம் கபீம்!!!
(Since I was afraid of E-nniyan, I am not forwarding this by Email. I am justing posting here)
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கணினிக் காதலிக்கு மடல்

(Thanglish format given in the comments section. No English translation, since it is too big and the essence may get spoilt if translated)

இது என் குழந்தையல்ல... இருப்பினும், அடுத்தவர் குழந்தையை அழகுபடுத்திப் பார்க்க வேண்டி, ஒரு மின்னஞ்சலில் வந்த மடலை கவிப்படுத்த முயன்றிருக்கிறேன்.

கணப்பொழுது கூட கவனம் சிதறாமல்
கருமமே கண்ணாய்
கண்ணிமைக்காமல் கணினியையே
கண்டுகொண்டிருக்கும் காதலிக்கு...

காதல் என்றால் Kilobyte
என்ன விலை?
என்று தான் நானுமிருந்தேன்
உன்னைப் பார்க்கும் வரை

அன்று தொலைந்து போன என் மனதை
Google searchல் தேடியும் கிடைக்கவில்லை...
உன் கணினியில் தோன்றும் Mouse குறியீடும்
என் நெஞ்சில் ஈட்டியாகப் பாய்கிறதே...

Printer Ribbonஐப் பார்க்கும் போது
Ribbon வைத்த உன் கூந்தல் ஞாபகம் ...
Mouse குறியீட்டில் Hourglass
காணும் போது உன் உடலமைப்பு ஞாபகம் ...

அதனால் எத்தனை முறை Restart செய்தாலும்
என் மனது Hang ஆகிப் போகிறதே
Intelligent ஆன நான் உன்னால் இன்று Artificial
Intelligence கூட இல்லாத ஜடமானேனே

உன் நுனிவிரல் நடனமாடும் கீ-போர்டில்
ஒரு 'கீ'யாக நான் மாறக்கூடாதா?
உன் உள்ளங்கை தொட்டதால் தான்
Mouseக்கு மவுசு ஏறிப் போனதா?

உன்னை எங்கேனும் Drive செய்ய
நானிருக்க CD Drive,
Floppy Drive என
நீயிருப்பது சரியா?

எப்போதும் "மானிட்டரை"யே பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருப்பவளே,
என்னைப் போன்ற மானிடரைப் பாராயோ?
MS Windowsஐப் பார்ப்பதை விட்டு என் மனமெனும்
Windowக்குள் உன் முகத்தைப் பாராயோ?

உன் கணினி வைரஸை Anti-virus மூலம்
சுத்தப் படுத்துவதைப் போல என் மனதை
வதைக்கும் காதல் வைரஸுக்கு
உன் மனம் எனும் Anti-Virus தருவாயா?

உன் கணினியை மின் தடையிலிருந்து
காக்க UPS Backup
வைத்துள்ள நீ, எனக்கு
Life Backup ஆக இருப்பாயா?

JPEGஇல் உன் படத்தையும்
MPEGஇல் உன் அசைவையும்
MP3இல் உன் குரலையும் பதிவு செய்து,
என் Heart Diskஐ நிரப்பி உன்
மின் மடலுக்காக Inboxஇல்

கணிப்பொறி... மன்னிக்கவும்... மணிபாரதி

பி.கு. உன் காதல் மின் மடலை பழக்கதோஷத்தில் CC Multiple recepients போட்டு அனுப்பிவிடாதே!!!

நன்றி: இந்த மின் மடலை இயற்றிய முகம் தெரியாத அந்தக் காதலுருக்கும், எனக்கு இதை மின்மடல் மூலம் தட்டி விட்டவருக்கும்.
ஒரு சந்தேகம்: இன்றும் கூந்தலுக்கு Ribbon கட்டுகிறார்களா என்ன?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Personal tag

Kaps tagged me for this personal tag, since I tagged him for TFM music. Tit for tat. I had taken a while to complete this. Anyhow, you were saved from this for sometime...

3 names by which you were called
Cine Encyclopedia (started long back)
(kosuru peru..... Thaathaa - my school name, since I used to wear a loose shirt!!!)

3 Physical things you like about yourself
Not putting so much weight ('so much' is a relative term.. but, still Friends Envy, My pride)
Sharp Eyes (which hardly misses small issues)
Everglowing face (don't you think, it is too much of a description??)

3 physical things which you don't like about yourself (only sometimes, not always)
My hair - already it has become like our college cricket ground with patches (Eventhough, it is not visible to normal eyes)
My teeth - disorganised (eventhough, I am not)
My long legs - sometimes I find them difficult to accomodate in the economy class flights or Indian railways berths.

3 parts of your Heritage
Devakottai - Sivaganga District
Madurai - Simmakkal & KK.Nagar
Chennai - Kodambakkam

3 things that scare you
Speeding Motorists - when they cross my vehicle
Lizard - too much in our house
Ramarajan movies

3 of your everyday essentials (little boring to write about this)
Laptop (became my essential, only after continuous blogging)
Mobile phone
ATM card

3 things which you are wearing right now
Casual Wear Shirt
Timberland shoes (Prepared on Sunday, when I was about to leave for something, few minutes later)

3 things you want in Relationship

2 truths and a Lie (not necessarily in an order)
Helps my wife a lot
Always trying to pull others' legs
Loves cine news a lot

3 Physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you
Eskuse me..
My wife is watching!!!

3 things you want to do really badly, right now
Just close this laptop
Listen to some soft music
Go for some massaging (foot....)

3 Careers you are considering
Top consultant in the field, where I am now
High profile Singer (eventhough, I don't get that opportunity and I may not be able to woo a big crowd)
Freelance Cine guide / advisor to a web portal

3 things, which I want to do before I die
To conduct a high profile Cine quiz (in a well marketed, publicised setup)
To spend atleast couple of years in a wholly owned beautiful ranch, in India. (and enjoy the field around)
To visit atleast 100 countries, including the Amazon river area. (at the moment, I had touched only 11, including Singapore)

3 Countries which you would like to visit
Bahamas ('After the Sunset' impact)

3 kids names you like
Ashwin (my son)
Rohan (my friend's cuute son)
Sameeksha (my wife's friend's daughter.....she used to have 'anniyan' hairstyle earlier)

3 people I wish to tag
(this list is anonymous, since I would like the bloggers to pick up on their own)

3 things which I am doing now..
Close the Laptop...
Leave a sigh...
Pack it.. (my wife is behind me)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Behind every successful Kid...

Yesterday, it was another dance performance. I was invited by my colleague, for his niece's performance at Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS) auditorium. His niece Ms.Kasturi Mallick from Delhi, is a disciple of Mrs.Saroja Vaidhyanathan of Ganesa Natyalaya in Delhi.

This time, the pressure had come from my friend to view the programme, since I was the one who asked him to check with SIFAS, when his niece wanted to perform in Singapore. It was worth watching, eventhough the audience were less. I also made up my mind only at the last moment. Otherwise, I would have invited some of my friends too - including some interested bloggers. It seems Ms.Kasturi, who had performed at several places in India, wanted to have a solo performance overseas and she achieved it yesterday. She did very well and was also content with the crowd.

My friend was wondering about the efforts the parents took, to bring their daughter here. He exclaimed due to the fact that they spent nearly 75,000 Rs. from their own pocket, to come over here. The reason of this post, is to highlight the efforts, energy, money spent by the parents nowadays to bring their kids talent to the forefront. They had printed and brought brouchures for today's programme / profile of their daughter, all on their own. This trend has picked up very well among the educated mass in the last couple of decades.

So many of my friends here, have admitted their kids into TFA, SIFAS and several other arts schools to master Indian Fine Arts. The change in parents mentality to encourage the kids to excel in their field of interest along with studies, should be well appreciated. This post is just to welcome this new trend.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Unusual search for a Commercial Director

He is famous for his typical commercial tamil entertainers. He has given them with the right mix of humour, sentiments, stunts etc, etc., But he is missing in action for more than one year, which is unusual to his nature.

He is none other than our K.S.Ravikumar. He used to churn out 2-3 movies a year, in the intial days of his career. Now, what has gone wrong? Is it for the betterment of the industry, that he has taken off for so many months???

Aware of the audience pulse

I still remember a TV interview in which he said that his aim is to make profits for everyone concerned. He followed, what he said. Eventhough, he was an one-time assistant director to Vikraman (during the shoot of 'Pudhu Vasantham'), he was different from Vikraman. While Vikraman was trying to give realistic movies (!!!), KSR concentrated clearly on entertainers. All his initial movies were sponsored by 'SuperGood films' RB.Choudry and everybody made money as targetted.

However, he made many less-known (or you can say unknown) movies like Pudham Pudhu Payanam, Bandmaster, Sakthivel, Muthu Kulika Vaarigala, Periya Kudumbam (Prabhu), Parambarai (Prabhu), Dharma Chakkaram (Vijaykanth), Pista (Karthik), Minsara Kanna (Vijay) etc. These might not have pinched the producers' hands. I have not watched most of these.

Still KSR was able to survive & remain well-known, due to his successful combination with Rajini, Kamal & Sarathkumar. Most of his movies with these stars succeeded well in the box office, with some good comedy & sentimental stuff. He is one of the directors who continuously survived without the Maestro Ilayaraja's music. (pl. correct me here, if I'm wrong)

With Rajini - 'Muthu' was a great comedy as well as controversial movie of that time, followed by the great blockbuster 'Padayappa'. KSR delivered both in an enjoyable format. (these are the only movies of Rajini with ARR, other than Sureshkrishna's 'Baba').

With Kamal - Nothing more to tell about their fantastic combo in 'Avvai Shanmugi', 'Thenali' & 'Pancha Thanthiram'. The movies speak by themselves. Even now, you can watch these comedies again.
With Sarath - He delivered few sentimental hits among their bunch of movies viz., Cheran Pandiyan, Oor Mariyadhai, Naataamai, Natpukkaaga, Paattali, Samudhiram, Paarai etc., Sarath is the only hero, with whom he has done more movies. Whenever Sarath needs to give a hit, he used to combine with KSR for a movie in less no. of days. That's KSR's strength. (Sarath's graph is steady now.. otherwise we could have expected another venture from him thru KSR!!!!)

You can name some more hits which KSR delivered like 'Puriyadha Pudhir' (his debut movie, a thriller), 'Villain' (Ajith), 'Ethiree' (Madhavan) & 'Suyamvaram' (the multistarrer/multidirector record movie shot in less than 24 hours - not sure if it is really a hit!!!).

But badluck is still haunting this director, for the last one year.

* Initially, it was well publicised 'Jaggubhai' with Rajini. After a big hype, the movie was scrapped.
* Then there was a news that he would direct Dhanush with Harris Jeyaraj music. It is nowhere now.

* The recent debacle is with our undependable Ajith's 'Godfather'. Ajith wanted to repeat his winning combination of 'Villain' with KSR. However, the hero's relationship with the producer turned bitter, which made Asin to go ahead with her other projects like Ghajini/ Sivakasi/ Maja(expect a name change). Inspite of all the problems, it seems KSR is working hard to bring out this for the coming Deepavali. AR.Rahman is anyhow there to help KSR out of the mess with some great music. Let us see, if the ladyluck will smile at KSR again (particularly on Ajith, since KSR will survive somehow).

Who needs to survive, Ajith?
* Now, there is a news going around that KSR may team up with Simbu (after 'Vallavan') for a new movie to be remade out of the telugu hit 'Bhadra'. Will it happen or will it become like Dhanush fiasco? (We don't know the status of Simbu-SJ.suryah project 'A-C'. Is Simbu going the Dhanush way with too many talked about projects?)

You cannot expect a logical movie from K.S.Ravikumar (like we expect from few notable directors). However, he is capable of giving some watchable stuff. Hope to view many more laughable entertainers from him..... As usual, I end this post with my 'Let us keep our fingers crossed!!!'

Have a cool weekend ahead !!!!! Cool.. Cool... Cool... (whirpool style)

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Search Courtesy: Our DBI team --- Pic Courtesy: Sify.com, Indiaglitz.com

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Unique Marriage Proposal Ads

Came across the recent Ads for marriage proposals. If I'm a bachelor still, I might have selected the final one.

Once in a lifetime offer, to get yourself the original, genuine article. One of the most handsome and smartest bachelor's around is now looking for a wife. And you could be the lucky one he chooses! Has own house, car and successful career!
Well, there is definite room for improvement in my life. The speed of my current flows of information and processes is slowing down and the injection of a wife into my life is bound to improve efficiency. Compatibility could be an issue.
I feel there is a need in this world, to improve the ways we live, to harmonize the processes of life and to build upon past differences and shortcomings. I believe that we the people need someone to share our lives. To feel the joys of parent hood, and bear the social responsibilities, as we should in a civilized society................. (etc etc and never getting to the point)
Wanted a sturdy, reliable, low depreciating wife. Should be in excellent working condition.
Required a girl - 5'8' & 36' 24' 36' with a good head for figures. She must be averse to making unnecessary expenditure and her very nature should be one of generating few expenses in my life. She should profit from a nice personality and be a credit to her family.
I am looking for a wife to cure the emptiness in my life. However if you feel the need for a second opinion then it's fine by me.

@ Looking for a girl, who supports me in all my current activities (I am not an underworld arm!!).
@ Should have abundant knowledge on varied fields of Economics, Business, Movies, Tamil Kavidhaigal (Poems) and constantly give me inputs (I'm not running newspaper. It is only a blog).
@ Should not nag too much on a particular day, when I am obsessed too much with that day's post.
@ Should visit all the blogs of my mates, review the posts & comment on my behalf.
@ You will be honoured with all the positive reply comments from the fellow bloggers. (You cannot expect anything beyond that.. jewels, no way). You can leave the negative comments to me (Can't I take atleast those, for the services rendered by you??)
@ Should not ask me, as to What will I do then, if you do everything?
Thanks to that friend of mine, who managed all these decent proposals thru his ad agency. (for letting me reveal all his ad slogans). He had a lot more. I picked up the best ad slogans. I heard that the success rate is too good thru this Ad agent.
Fortunately, my account is closed already and I had gone thru this ordeal...... I cannot open another one anymore. Managing the current account itself, is too much of pressure. ;-( ;-( ;-(
Do you want his contact details? Take it from here...

See the domain selected by this guy.. Does he imply that we get educated everyday after marriage? I agree with it...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

'மதி'யின் தாக்கம்

(thanglish format & rough english translation in comments section)

மதி மயக்கம்

கல்லூரி நினைவு - என்
உதட்டோரம் புன்னகைக் கீற்று

பூரண மதியை, மதி இழந்து
சுற்றும் மின்மினிகளைப் போல

அந்த 'மதுமதி'யைச்
சுற்றிய நண்பர்களை எண்ணி ......

ம்.... எட்டாக் கனியாகவே
இருந்து விட்டாளே அம்'மதி'!!!


'மதி' மறைந்த நேரம்

மத்தியப் பூங்கா,
மேகத்தின் ஊடே
மதி மறைந்த நேரம்

அவன் அணைப்பில்
அவள், நச்சரித்தாள்..
பாக்கிப் பணத்திற்கு

படிக்கும் மகனுக்கு
புத்தகம் வாங்க..
தன்னை அப்புதைகுழியில்
தள்ளியவனை நொந்தபடி..


Monday, June 20, 2005

Next mile stone... thank you all


On the one hand, Indian Sensex crossed 7000 mark. On the other hand, my page-hits crossed 10,000 mark on this 69th day. Is it a coincidence? (eventhough by blog is no way related to Indian Business)

As I said earlier, a long way to go!!!

But my page hits are not based on any speculation and it is not going to fall again, like our own Sensex. Thank you bloggers, for the continuing support.... As some of you had wished and commented for my previous mile stone, it had really happened in less time. ('aaroodam' sonna Venki matrum Balaji-kku nandri)

Thanks once again, to all of you. Now, back to some fruitful blogging.... with some more intresting stuff.


Hand(i) crafts - Kai thozhil

Is this what our previous generations tried to imply by saying "Make use of your hands to come up in life"? (I mean, kai thozhil ontrai katruk kol....).

Look into these pics.

Amazing, aren't they?
Thanks to the unknown forwarder who sent this to me. By the way these pictures are taken, I feel the job is done by a professional photographer for some ads - with a professional hand(i) worker. Hats off to those who were involved in this. All the credits go to those guys.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Men - queuing up for a different purpose ....

You would have observed the recent news on French men yearning for Pregnancy....

This subject has been discussed 'n' number of times in the media and in the movies. Still, the debate is going on. It is because, the event has not happened yet. Scientifically, the possibility is yet to be proved. (This subject was even discussed at my home, eventhough some women may not give up their gender rights on this pleasant experience).

A Different feeling, Indeed!!! - Pic Courtsey: Ateros.com

The way medical technologies are advancing, it may become true one day, that Men queue up in the maternity hospitals with a big tummy. If at all it happens, what would be the next generation doing? (since, I am sure it won't happen to me in the next few years).
Just a thought....

1) I may go to my son's house or my grandson's house, for the delivery. How am I going to manage then? Need to take a lesson from the female gender.
2) "Free for Pregnant women, going for Delivery" Slogan in Chennai Autos, may be changed - favouring the new breed.
3) Temples may be flooded more with Pregnant Men, for the well being of their unborn kids. (the ratio of male/female visitors to the temples may change)
4) Men can take off from the regular work routine, during the last couple of months. They may be helped a lot by their Dad (!!!!).
5) A deprived husband may get special treatment from his wife.
6) Movie Scenes with dialogues like "Paththu maasam sumanthu pethaa thaanee theriyum...." may not be delivered by the heroine. Instead it may be, by a hero.
7) Advertisement Industry may look for Model Dads, to advertise their related products.
8) A Pregnant Cine-hero, may encash his status by giving his valuable (!!) photographs and interviews to flashy magazines.
What more? Come out.... with your views.
Don't miss out the 'Anniyan' review, following this post.. with hot comments section.

Friday, June 17, 2005

ANNIYAN - Review

Now, it is out...

After the hype created by the movie team, media and audience, the expectations had soared too high for this movie. My expectations were also so high, since I am one among the hardcore fans of Shankar. I had never missed his movies, in the first few days. For a change, today I watched this movie on its first day, after a long gap of 15 years (I mean, first day visit). This is just because, I didn't want to get influenced by the Net reviews and wanted to make a personal assessment.

Everyone of us know that this movie carried a strong social message and got appreciation from the Censor Board without any cuts. Is it living upto the expectations? Let us go thru... Being a much talked about movie, this is little bit lengthier.

The movie starts with the daily journey of 'Rules' Ramanjum alias 'Ambi' (Vikram, the Advocate) fuming about the irresponsible behaviour of the society - whether it is spitting on the road, violation of traffic rules, poor quality materials, eveteasing in public transport, high rental charged by greedy house owners, absence of sympathy for an accident victim... and it goes on. And all these, in the first 20 minutes. These issues are being followed by Indian Railways poor food quality, uncleaned toilet etc., while travelling to Thiruvaiyaru Music Festival. (BTW.. why is he shown with a 'Kudumi' always? I doubt whether any of the younger generation is following this nowadays).

Eventhough the neighbourhood Nadhini (Sada) respects Ambi's clean thoughts, she couldn't accept his love due to lack of feelings. Instead, she falls for the high-profile ad-guy REMO (Vikram) who woos her constantly.

In the meanwhile, Ambi stumbles upon a news on Anniyan's website (the saviour of world from the evil society) and lodges his complaints thru net on several issues. (like the malayalam movie '4 The People'). Anniyan (Vikram, again) takes action immediately by cleansing the irresponsible characters from the society.

Wait, Wait... as I had mentioned in one of my previous post, is it a movie with 3 different roles / characters?

Shankar plays his part here. This time he has taken up MPD syndrome, which is nothing but Multiple Personality Disorder affecting our hero, due to the outburst of his feelings. (Just recall Sidney Sheldon's 'Tell me your Dreams' on this MPD. Link here..). This MPD makes Ambi to change his personality, due to the thoughts provoking him from inside. He doesn't know about the other personalities Remo & Anniyan, eventhough those two remember Ambi.

Vikram's MPD results - Courtesy: Indiaglitz

Now Sada faces the wrath of Anniyan, as she is part of a deal in which a property price is undervalued, in order to reduce the stamp charges. He chases her, only to reveal all his 3 identities (I mean Ambi, Remo & Anniyan) at the same time. Somehow, Sada escapes and takes him to a Doctor. On his advice, she starts loving Ambi, so that 'Remo' personality can go away from him. But finally, is the 'Anniyan' personality going away from 'Ambi'? Or is 'Ambi' getting punished for 'Anniyan's deeds? That forms the crux of the final few moments.

Nedumudi Venu, playing as Vikram's father and Nassar as the doctor, have less work to do. The crime branch office Prakash Raj, has a major role in circling 'Anniyan', eventhough this characterisation resembles 'Gentleman' Inspector SaranRaj going around everywhere. Vivek as 'Chaari', a friend of Ambi, comes as an assistant to Prakashraj with few comical scenes.

Before I go into the strengths & weaknesses of the movie from my point of view, I would like to share some comments on the picturisation of the songs.

If you don't start watching the movie from the intial shot, you may miss out 'Kumari..' song. Before you wink your eyes, you are taken to Amsterdam flower show, where Sada dances with Vikram. Eventhough the flower show has been shot beautifully, this song has unwanted characters like Vivek, Raju Sundaram (just because, he is the Choreographer) and few others in 'Kudumi's. They could have been avoided.

Indeed, nice picturisation. Courtesy - Indiaglitz

The much hyped Thiruvayaaru Music festival song, features the greats like Kunnakudi Vaidhyanathan, Seerkazhi Sivachidambaram, Sudha Raghunathan etc., Eventhough, the 'Iyengar Veetu.." song was well appreciated by the mass, the 'Bharatha natiyam' dance movements of Sada is not upto the mark. She struggles hard in her movements. (as in the 'Kumari..' song)

Nothing much about the 'kaadhal yaanai' song which has been picturised decently on 'Remo' Vikram and Yana Gupta in a well constructed set. Next comes, 'Kannum Kannum Nokia' shot in KL, Malaysia in which Sada tries to convert herself into a modern hifi girl. But, Sorry Sada!!!! Modern outfit doesn't suit you that well as it will for Aishwarya Rai & Simran. Better to stick to the traditional Sarees & Half-Sarees.

You are good in Saree, So, better stick to it. Courtesy - Indiaglitz

The colorful 'Rendakka Rendakka..' song shot near Thenkasi requires only normal dance movements, where Sada scores. The efforts gone behind the painting of so many streets, bridges, buses and cars for this song, has paid well. Indeed, they are very colorful and beautifully shot, along with the green fields.

Full of colors!!! Courtesy -- Indiaglitz

Now, my final observation

1) Vikram excels well in his acting - particularly in the last encounter with Prakash Raj, where he shows different personalities continuously.
2) The Strong Message about the eradication of Society's Irresponsible behaviour, with few thoughtful & hilarious dialogues from Sujatha. As in 'Indian', Shankar is refering to the growth of Singapore, Japan, korea etc., from their humble start.
3) Cinematography always gets great importance in Shankar's movies. Both RaviVerman and Manikandan have not failed the audience expectations.

But, alas.. Weaknesses / Unwanted elements are more (in my perception)
1) Being in Production for more than one year, might have put so much pressure on Shankar & team. The expectations were also up among the audience, including me. But, the jumping screenplay has failed to impress me. Let me refer to few instances.
**** There were 'n' number of places where people could have informed the Police about 'anniyan' when they see both 'ambi' & 'anniyan' personalities at the same time. (like some rowdies, the Saba Secretary etc.,). They don't do it. Why?
**** In one scene, Vivek sends 'Remo' inside Sada's room. There the personality changes to 'Ambi'. When Vivek enters the room later, he never even raises a question. How come, Shankar & Sujatha? ..... big disappointment.
**** Where from 'Anniyan' is getting so much money to make a stage show to present his views? He advertises & pastes posters everywhere and meets press & public in a big stadium. There are no scenes showing public support openly, like it was for 'Indian' thaathaa. Is it implied and did the public organise such a mega show?
**** Eventhough Naasar & Sada realise the dangerous potential of 'Anniyan', nothing is being informed to the Police. Are they deciding to manage such a dangerous character on their own?

2) The love blossoming between Sada & 'Remo' personality is so immediate. She starts loving him as soon as he does some childish / comical gimmicks with the flowers, Moon & Stars, without knowing his background facts. So, my heart doesn't go for her love sequences. I missed those emotional love blossoming sequences of 'Jeans' & 'Boys' here.
3) The Big Freeze Time Slice method used for the fight sequences is pretty long. In 'Boys' this technique was wonderful when the flowers/Characters were shot in 'ale ale' song. Here, this technique makes the audience to laugh when 15 stuntmen float around in the air for nearly 5-10 seconds. Even the matrix style stunt sequences could have been reduced.

Rajini succeeded in talking about 'MPD' in his Chandramukhi. But, that was only for the last 30 minutes. Otherwise, the Fans got what they wanted from Rajini. But handling such a difficult subject even before the movie's 'intermission', is tricky. Eventhough, Shankar's regular crowd is from 'A' centre, I doubt whether 'A' centre audience can take it this time. The reason is that he conveyed all these messages already in 'Gentleman', 'Indian' and 'Mudhalvan'.

So, what else is new here? Just a cocktail - mix Sambhar Vadai ('Ambi' sequences) with Coke (flashy colorful song sequences - MTV type) & the special drink Cognac ('Anniyan's hifi killings). If you like this cocktail, then taste it... I couldn't digest, honestly.

'He who comes from Hell, is not afraid of hot ashes...' This is the slogan of this movie. Vikram had come out of failures, several times earlier. Will this be like, 'Alavandhan' for Kamal and 'Baba' for Rajini? Or will it succeed commercially?

Sify, Rediff & Indiaglitz reviews are very much in favour of the movie. Only after finishing my review, I read them. Probably, you can tell me, after watching the movie, if I am too critical about this work. As these websites are claiming, if it becomes successful, I will also be happy for those involved in this mega project. (since so much money was involved in this project)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

மனப்பான்மை இல்லா மோகினி

(Thanglish format & English translation [approx.] given in the comments section)


சக பெண்களுடன்
இழையும் கதாநாயகன்

தன் மகளைப்
பார்க்க விரும்புவதோ


யாரந்த மோகினி?

என் இல்லாளுக்கு,

என்னுடன் ஒய்யாரமாய்
அமர்ந்திருப்பவளைக் கண்டு,
தன்னுடன் மட்டும் நேரம்
பகிர்வதில்லை என்று,


நேரம் கிடைக்கும்
அவளை அல்லவா

அந்த அவள்???

ஜுஜூபி...கண்டு பிடிச்சிருப்பீங்களே...

மற்றொரு செய்தி: இன்றிலிருந்து தமிழ்க்கனவுப் பட்டறை பிரிவு தொடங்கப்பட்டுள்ளது... இப்பிரிவு எமது தமிழாக்கங்களை மேற்பார்வையிடும்.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

TFM Tag Virus, has bitten me too....

I didn't expect me to be bitten by the TFM tag virus so soon. But it happened.. Thanks to Nithya's ennangal. (TFM is nothing but Tamil Film Music).

Tamil Film Music is a big ocean. So, bear with the length of this post.

I was not a music 'paithiyam' from my childhood. But I used to be "..." for films, eventhough from time to time I appreciate some songs with friends. Only for the last couple of years I had the opportunity to dwell upon TFM. Probably, I might have started enjoying the romantic lines after marriage, including those songs of the pre-marriage era. Even then, I have a tremendous list of favourites.

No. of albums I own:
I am carrying around 30-40. That's too high, considering the MP3's impact on the music world. I used to get MP3s from India and burn CDs as I wish, nowadays.

Last Album that I bought:
I didn't want to wait for "Anniyan" to come out in MP3. So, I bought the CD immediately after
listening to them in the net.

Currently Listening to:
'Noothana' by Chinmayi from 'Karka Kasadara'. Nice music by Prayog. But, need to wait and watch if this guy can really make it big.

Albums that I'd want to take with me if I am alone on an Island:
IlayaRaja & AR.Rahman's melodies. Particularly movies like Nizhalgal, Alaigal Oyivathathilai, Roja, Minsara Kanavu, Jeans etc.,

Songs that you are most likely to hear me sing or hum (Song – Movie / Singer(s) / MD):
It is a long list.. I didn't want to leave most of those songs, which I have hummed or wanted to sing on the stage. (I didn't have the confidence to sing on a stage, irrespective of the fact that my voice may not be a magnetic one like SPB, Karthik, Unnikrishnan). Still, I am restricting myself to 10, here in this section.

1) Nizhalgal
ithu oru ponmaalai pozhuthu, vaanamagaL naaNugiRaaL veeRu udai puuNugiRaaL (இது ஒரு பொன்மாலை பொழுது, வானமகள் நாணுகிறாள் வேறு உடை பூணுகிறாள்).
A nice combo by SPB - IR - Vairamuthu, which is an evergreen song.

2) Punnagai Mannan
enna saththam intha neeram uyirin oliyaa (என்ன சத்தம் இந்த நேரம் உயிரின் ஒலியா).
No match to this song of SPB with IR.

3) Kizhakku Vaasal
pachcha malaip puuvu nii uchchi malaith theenu, kuththangkuRai eethu nii nanthavanath theeru (பச்ச மலைப் பூவு நீ உச்சி மலைத் தேனு, குத்தங்குறை ஏது நீ நந்தவனத் தேரு)
I still remember seeing this movie on the first day. By SPB with IR.

4) Sathya
valaiyoosai sala sala salavena kavidhaigaL padikkudhu kuLu kuLu thenRal (வலையோசை சல சல சலவென கவிதைகள் படிக்குது குளு குளு தென்றல்)
By SPB & Lata mangeshkar - IR. First in tamil by Lata.

5) Captain Magal
entha peNNilum illaadha onRu eedhoo, adhu eedhoo, adi eedhoo unnidam irukkiRadhu (எந்த பெண்ணிலும் இல்லாத ஒன்று ஏதோ, அது ஏதோ, அடி ஏதோ உன்னிடம் இருக்கிறது)
Wonderful one from SPB with Music Director Hamsalekha

6)Minsara Kanavu
veNNilavee veNNilavee viNNaith thaaNdi varuvaayaa viLaiyaada joodi theevai (வெண்ணிலவே வெண்ணிலவே விண்ணைத் தாண்டி வருவாயா விளையாட ஜோடி தேவை)
That soothing voices of Hariharan, Sadhana sargam with ARR's tunes, reminds me those days when I felt as if I lost something in the world. Even now, when I listen to the song, it rekindles the same thoughts of those days.

7)En Swaasa Katre
thiRakkaatha kaattukkuLLee piRakkaatha piLLaigaL poolee aanoom (திறக்காத காட்டுக்குள்ளே பிறக்காத பிள்ளைகள் போலே ஆனோம்)
Beautifully tuned by ARR with Unnikrishnan, Chitra - Nicely picturised too.

8) Kadhal Samrajyam
iru kaNkaL sollum kaadhal seythi un kaathal seyyum liilai ingkee konjcham illai (இரு கண்கள் சொல்லும் காதல் செய்தி உன் காதல் செய்யும் லீலை இங்கே கொஞ்சம் இல்லை)
Nice one by YSR and sung by Balram & Gopika Poornima. But unfortunately, this movie
by Agathiyan never got released.

9) Minnale
vasiigaraa en nenjchinikka un pon madiyil thuungkinaal poodhum (வசீகரா என் நெஞ்சினிக்க உன் பொன் மடியில் தூங்கினால் போதும்)
A nice one by Bombay jayashree in this first movie of Haris Jeyaraj. But I didn't like the way song was picturised in the middle. The Pole dancing sequence by Reema Sen didn't fit the song.

10) Thaayin Mani Kodi
nuuRaaNdukku oru muRai puukkinRa puuvallavaa (நூறாண்டுக்கு ஒரு முறை பூக்கின்ற பூவல்லவா)
I don't know the composer. But it was a movie of Arjun. Sung by Gopal sharma & Devi.

Favorite Singer(s):
None other than SPB, Karthik, Unnikrishnan, S.Janaki, Chitra, Sujatha.

My favorite lines…
Here also, I am trying to restrict myself to a limited set.

1) Thambikku Endha Oooru - Another great delivery by SPB & IR. I can still remember that Solidaire (or Dyanora) TV ad with this song. Just see these few lines in 'kaadhalin thiipam onRu..(காதலின் தீபம் ஒன்று)

ennai naan theedith theedi unnidam kaNdu koNdeen
ponnilee puuvaal aLLum punnagai minnudhee
என்னை நான் தேடித் தேடி உன்னிடம் கண்டு கொண்டேன்
பொன்னிலே பூவால் அள்ளும் புன்னகை மின்னுதே

2) Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal - One more hit of SPB & IR combo in this song 'kalyaaNa maalai koNdaadum peNNee (கல்யாண மாலை கொண்டாடும் பெண்ணே)

vaalibangkaL oodum vayadhaagak kuudum aanaalum anbu maaRaadhammaa
maalaiyidum sontham mudipootta bantham pirivennum sollee aRiyaadhammaa
வாலிபங்கள் ஓடும் வயதாகக் கூடும் ஆனாலும் அன்பு மாறாதம்மா

மாலையிடும் சொந்தம் முடிபோட்ட பந்தம் பிரிவென்னும் சொல்லே அறியாதம்மா

3) VIP - This music Director Ranjit Barot has completely moved out of the tamil film industry. This song by Hariharan & Chitra has beautiful lyrics.

minnal oru koodi enthan uyir theedi vanthathee, oo..
latcham pala latcham puukkaL onRaaga puuththathee
un vaarththai theen vaarththathee
மின்னல் ஒரு கோடி எந்தன் உயிர் தேடி வந்ததே, ஓ..
லட்சம் பல லட்சம் பூக்கள் ஒன்றாக பூத்ததே
உன் வார்த்தை தேன் வார்த்ததே

4) Jeans - Hariharan & Anuradha Sriram beautiful combination with ARR, still melts me in this 'anbee anbee kollaadhee (அன்பே அன்பே கொல்லாதே )' song.....

meegaththaip pidiththu meththai amaiththu
melliya puu unnaith thuungka vaippeen,
thuukkaththil maadhu veerkkinRa poothu
natchaththiram koNdu naan thudaippeen
மேகத்தைப் பிடித்து மெத்தை அமைத்து
மெல்லிய பூ உன்னைத் தூங்க வைப்பேன்,
தூக்கத்தில் மாது வேர்க்கின்ற போது
நட்சத்திரம் கொண்டு நான் துடைப்பேன்

5) Amarkalam - Nothing much to describe my wife's favourite song (mine too.. since it implies me, isn't it!!). Just read, you will know. Nice one by Chitra in Bharatwaj's tunes.

unnoodu vaazhaadha vaazhvenna vaazhvu, en uL nenjchu solginRadhu,
puuvoodu peesaatha kaaRRenna kaaRRu, oru puunjchoolai keetkinRadhu
உன்னோடு வாழாத வாழ்வென்ன வாழ்வு என் உள் நெஞ்சு சொல்கின்றது,
பூவோடு பேசாத காற்றென்ன காற்று ஒரு பூஞ்சோலை கேட்கின்றது

6) Boys - Ale Ale song. By Karthik & Chitra Sivaraman in ARR's tunes. Mesmerising location too.

egiRik kudhiththeen vaanam idiththadhu, paadhangkaL iraNdum paRavaiyaanadhu
viralgaLin kaambil puukkaL muLaiththadhu, puruvangkaL iRangki miisai aanadhu
எகிறிக் குதித்தேன் வானம் இடித்தது, பாதங்கள் இரண்டும் பறவையானது
விரல்களின் காம்பில் பூக்கள் முளைத்தது, புருவங்கள் இறங்கி மீசை ஆனது

7) Dum Dum Dum - From that 'un peeraich sonnalee uL-naakkil thiththikkumee (உன் பேரைச் சொன்னலே உள்நாக்கில் தித்திக்குமே )' song sung by Unnikrishnan & Sadhana Sargam in Karthik Raja's music.

onRaa iraNdaa, oru koodi njaabagam uyir thinnap paarkkuthee,
kaNNee thuNdaay thuNdaay buumiyil vizhuntheen, engkee nii en kaNNee?
ஒன்றா இரண்டா, ஒரு கோடி ஞாபகம் உயிர் தின்னப் பார்க்குதே,

கண்ணே துண்டாய் துண்டாய் பூமியில் விழுந்தேன், எங்கே நீ என் கண்ணே?

8) Rhythm - The intial lyrics of this song are very striking. By Unnikrishnan & Kavitha, tuned by ARR.

kaaRRee en vaasal vanthaay medhuvaagak kathavu thiRanthaay
kaaRRee un peeraik keetteen kaadhal enRaay, neeRRu nii engku
irunthaay kaaRRee nii solvaay enReen,

-svaasaththil irunthathaagach solli chenRaay
காற்றே என் வாசல் வந்தாய் மெதுவாகக் கதவு திறந்தாய்
காற்றே உன் பேரைக் கேட்டேன் காதல் என்றாய், நேற்று நீ எங்கு
இருந்தாய் காற்றே நீ சொல்வாய் என்றேன்,
ஸ்வாசத்தில் இருந்ததாகச் சொல்லி சென்றாய்

9) Kaathal - The Latest sensational song by Joshua Sridhar, has a nice start. Sung by Haricharan & Harini. (they are different from the existing Hariharan & Harini Tippu)

thottuth thottu ennai veRRuk kaLimaNNai siRpamaaga yaar seythathoo
thottuth thottu ennai pattaampuuchchip peNNai thittam ittu yaar venRathoo
தொட்டுத் தொட்டு என்னை வெற்றுக் களிமண்ணை சிற்பமாக யார் செய்ததோ
தொட்டுத் தொட்டு என்னை பட்டாம்பூச்சிப் பெண்ணை திட்டம் இட்டு யார் வென்றதோ

Now, I tag all these music lovers...

Kaps - For his MP3 interest
Thennavan - For his interest in romantic to kaanaa songs
Harish - I know, he loves music
Keerthi - He too
Narayanan - Am expecting some classics from him

Guys, it is your turn to march forward... don't worry about the numbers. You can restrict to even 5, as before in the book tagging.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Had I been Kidnapped then??

If I was kidnapped on that day, what would have been my current profession?
Just a rewind.....

It happened during my early school days in Madurai.... It was an early era of Gas cylinders in the households and people used to fulfill their fuel requirements thru Kerosene from the Co-operatives and other Grocery shops. We were not one among the exceptions. We were also waiting for our Gas Cylinders from Indane (Indian Oil sub), after registration. (Relatives who got the connection earlier, used to beam a lot. Normally, the waiting period used to be long - few years!!!).

Unfortunately the Iran-Iraq war was the happening event then, which affected the fuel availability a lot. People used to get and store as much as fuel they need, in their house. If there was a news that a particular outlet was releasing fuel to everyone, people used to throng that place. I had that experience of accompanying my Mom.

The said incident happened on a school holiday. I was alone with my younger brother at home. One stranger came to our house and said my Dad is waiting in the nearby Co-op store and asked someone from our house to come there with a CAN & money. As a dutiful son, I left my brother in our neighbour's house and went with that stranger. I thought of making a wise decision.
As he claimed, my Dad was not waiting there. Somehow, he convinced me and asked me to buy the Kerosene. After getting the CAN filled, he told me that he will deliver it at my house and will bring one more CAN to buy some more. I agreed to it and gave the CAN to him (without even thinking that no one was there at home!!!).

I waited.. and waited.. and waited..for a long time. The conman never returned. After sometime, my Mom reached that place and realised the situation. She took me back with some nice scoldings.... Anyhow, she thanked all the known Gods that I was brought back safely. For me, that was a lesson learnt. Even now, if a stranger approaches me, my mind thinks a lot about his intentions.

Now.. the first line again...
If I was kidnapped on that day with some wrong intentions, what would have been my current profession?

1) An Iron-ore shop owner
2) Internet / Telephone Booth owner
3) Dhaal / Rice - wholesale distributor
4) Some Underworld / Goonda element in Chennai
5) A Cine actor like Vadivelu or Vijaykanth (both from Madurai) or some other cine technician
6) PTC bus driver
7) Kandhu Vatti Dhaadhaa (Underworld Financier)
8) Left hand of 'Viduthalai Siruthai' Thirumavalavan or 'PMK' Ramadoss
9) Strong Union Leader in Chennai Port
10) 'Udhayam' or 'Devi' theatre employee.
If you ask me based on my attitude & passion, I might have selected one of these.. (2),(3),(5) or (10). What is your guess?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Stated Vs Meant


Just have a look into Kaps post as well.

I was munching this forward for a long time.. now it is time to release.

Some of the slogans / motto of top IT companies and what they imply (from an ex-employee's perspective).

COMPETITIVE SALARY - We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.

JOIN OUR FAST-PACED COMPANY - We have no time to train you.

CASUAL WORK ATMOSPHERE - We don't pay enough, to expect that you'll dress up.
MUST BE DEADLINE-ORIENTED - You'll be six months behind schedule on your first day.
SOME OVERTIME REQUIRED - Some time each night and some time each weekend.
MUST HAVE AN EYE FOR DETAIL - We have no quality control.
APPLY IN PERSON - If you're old, fat or ugly, you'll be told the position has been filled.
NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE - We've filled the job; our call for resumes is just a legal formality.
PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS A MUST - You're walking into a company in perpetual chaos.

Tagged... Shouldn't wait anymore!!!

The Bug has bitten me several times.. Even then, I didn't act immediately on that. Reason, I wanted to recollect some from my memory. Of-late I stopped buying more books, since I couldn't find time to read big novels. I am still reading a book which I bought couple of months back.

Thanks to Bala, Ganesh, Cogito & Ansh for tagging me.

Total Number of Books I Own: 25 (both fiction and non fiction)

I used to buy novels / books, while I am travelling. Now the travelling has been reduced. So, the collections have also reduced. I would like to add a lot of novels to my shelf. May be, I will do that once I am absolutely free (Will it happen???). During my school days, I had helped my mom to take the continuing stories from 'Kumudam' ' Vikatan' & bind them. Like that, I have 20 bound novels.

Last Book I bought: 'The coming Collapse of China' by Gordon G.Chang

Last Book I was gifted: 'Competing for the Future' by Gary Hamel & C.K.Prahalad
Last Book I read: 'The Great Indian Dreams' by Malay Chaudhuri & Arindam Chaudhuri
I am currently reading: 'The coming Collapse of China' by Gordon G.Chang... I don't know when I am going to complete it. It looks like a long project, due to lack of time.
Five Books that mean a lot to me:

1. 'As the Crow flies' by Jeffrey Archer
The positive aspect brought out by the author thru the lead character had impressed me a lot. I used to be a very fragile & vulnerable character earlier. The positiveness out of this novel had made me very strong, later on.
2. 'Rage of Angels' by Sidney Sheldon
This is the first English novel which made me to divert into fiction English novels. The push factor was that I had read the novel, when it was translated into Tamil initially in 'Kumudham' by R.K.Rangarajan as 'Jeniffer'. Later, it made me to jump to several other Sidney Sheldon novels.

3. 'The Money Changers' by Arthur Hailey
The reality of banking industry & the turmoil which U.S. had undergone in 60's & 70's were nicely etched in this novel. He had woven the story very nicely, which made me to collect lot more realistic fictions of Hailey later.

4. Vasantha Kala Kutrangal (Tamil) by Sujatha
This novel was the gateway for me into the tamil novel world. I was so impressed by his work that I used to hunt for his books from then onwards. This made me his ardent fan. (Another novel, which impressed me a lot was his 'Nila Kaalam' which was made into a movie, & went unnoticed commercially)
5. Thaayumannavan (Tamil) by Balakumaran
This novel had brought out the reality of a family life, at an young stage to me. This was about a husband who takes care of his wife & child, at a critical situation. Later, this novel came out as a serial in Doordharshan, which was well made.

My other favourite authors are Endamoori Virendranath (normally translated into tamil by Susila KanagaDurga), Saandilyan & John Grisham.

Now it is my turn to tag five people and make them to do this on their blogs. I am tagging ....
So, guys pl. do the honours...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Vishwa Vinayaka

Last weekend, I had an invitation to attend a Dance programme... Initially, I didn't have the inclination to go for it. However the decision was changed later on, by the Home Ministry. I would have regretted otherwise, for missing that show.

The Programme which was presented by the Temple of Fine Arts, was co-ordinated in a wonderful way with dancers from the age of 7 years. The beauty is that they are from different places - Australia, Malaysia, India & Singapore, and I was told that they had the training session for their part individually in their countries and finally mixed here. Amazing co-ordination!!!

The programme titled 'Vishwa Vinayaka' (on Lord Ganesha) combined the traditional and contemporary dance movements to present a dynamic and moving dance fusion with stunning choreography. The songs were rendered by SPB & Shankar Mahadevan and were mesmerizing.

I could recollect the last dance programme which I watched 2 decades back in Madurai, when we got an invitation for the dancer Swarnamukhi's solo dance. Eventhough, the technology has improved nowadays so much for the stage background, audio effects, visual effects etc., the original art has not changed so much. Still, it has its own mesmerizing quality & life. By end of the day, I was happy about the splendid evening.
Don't miss the review of 'Ullam Ketkumae' after this post...

Ullam Ketkumae - Review

The ultimate order from Supreme Court for the movie's release (which was in the box for nearly 2 years) has fetched the appreciation, its director deserves. The story still looks fresh, eventhough you can observe few scratches on the film roll as if it was an old movie.

The movie intitally named as 'PEPSI' (the first letter of the main characters) revolves around Priya, Eman, Pooja, Shyam & Irene, during their college days & the present day life. Asin, Arya, Laila, Shaam & Pooja's roles are lively. Eventhough, it was their debut movie Asin, Arya & Pooja have expressed very well.

The film starts with the marriage function of the famous cricketer Eman (Arya), for which the friends start pouring in. Priya (Asin) married to a famous Dentist, Shyam (Shaam) a famous Mumbai designer, Irene (Pooja) still single eventhough she loved Eman a lot, and a lot more friends. Pooja (Laila) joins them later, from U.S.

As usual, the class rooms are not shown in any of the scenes. It seems, it is strictly prohibited nowadays.... :-) :-) The college friends have fun with their games, cultural competition along with the love sequences. Laila loves Shaam, eventhough he loves Asin who is a very practical person.Ulimately, Laila goes to US for her further studies & Asin marries the dentist proposed by her parents. Eventhough, Irene & Eman love each other, Irene pushes him to achieve his career ambition, forgoing her love. At the end, Laila reveals her love to Shaam which he accepts.

Courtesy: All Indian Site.com


** Each & Every character has fulfilled their roles' requirements, with perfection. Whether it is boyish Laila, practical Asin, college-romeo Shaam, Arya or Pooja.

** Evergreen writer Sujatha's dialogues are noteworthy. Has he reached 70 so soon? Couldn't believe it, due to the youthness prevailing through out the movie. His dialogues are too good in many places, especially between Shaam & Arya at the end of the Cultural Competition. Arya differentiates Asin from others, as she is a 'Mind ruler' (being a practical person) compared to Shaam,Arya & Laila who are 'Heart rulers'. Another place to note down is, when Asin refuses to accept Shaam's proposal citing practical reasons. He is even hilarious at several places.

** Since the music album by Harris Jeyaraj was released long back, it didn't create a big hype recently in the market. Still, the songs are fresh to watch. Especially, Ennai pandhada (Srinivas, Madhumita), Mazhai Mazhai (Unnikrishnan, Harini), Dho Dho (Franko).


** Too many flashbacks, hamper the proceedings.

** Screenplay could have been improved further, since it is still loose & has some unwanted portions. (Ex: the lengthy Intercollege Cultural competition sequences). However, it is still better than Jeeva's previous '12B'.

Eventhough, the actors & technicians have delivered their best, I couldn't vote for the movie whole-heartedly due to lack of tight screenplay & few dramatic moments (like the last Airport scene... When are they going to change these locations?). Last week, I read a report that the Court receivers are going for more prints since the word of mouth is good in the industry. Definitely, Cinematographer-turned-Director Jeeva has not failed their expectations.

He made me to miss my college / school mates very much, once again....


** Saravanan Subbiah's next movie ABCD also follows the same naming convention, which Jeeva initially thought of for this movie (i.e. PEPSI).... first letter of the characters' names. Shaam is acting in ABCD as well.. Is it a mere coincidence?

** Arya is coming out as a full fledged hero in 'Oru Kalluriyin Kathai' after his roles in 'Arinthum Ariyaamalum' & 'Ullam Ketkumae'. He has the ability to win. Let us hope he does it.

Just have fun, by reading this earlier post of mine.... which is nothing but naming convention in tamil film industry.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Let me Direct too

(Caution: Beware of the length of this post. It may be injurious to your precious time)

In the last couple of days, I had observed several Cinematographer-turned-directors hitting the headlines.

BaluMahendra ('Athu Oru kanakalam')
Thangar Bachan ('Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy')
Jeeva ('Ullam Ketkumae')
KV.Anand ('Kana Kanden')
Vijay Milton (For Cheran's new movie)

Does it mean that many more Cameramen will be vying for the director's role in future? Possibility is there.. But what about the success rate? Let us spend some time with the existing personalities and find out....

Balu Mahendra - alias Benjamin Mahendra, a National award winning Cameraman-cum-Director, had made several interesting movies. His directorial debut 'Kokila' in Kannada bagged him the National award (in addition to several other national awards). His first tamil movie 'Azhiyaatha Kolangal' was a wonderful piece at that time, different from the main stream cinema, which made the audience to turn their attention to this person.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Most of his movies had strong female characters - like Shoba, Mounica, Saritha, Sridevi, Archana, Revathi etc., He balanced their potential with his camera and message, with which he handled several issues at ease. With these strengths, he made Kokila (kannada), Azhiyatha Kolanagal, Moodu Pani, Moonram pirai, Neengal Kettavai, Veedu, Sandhya Ragam, Rettai Vaal Kuruvi, Vanna Vanna Pookkal, Marupadiyum, Sathi Leelavathi, Raman Abdullah, Julie Ganapathy and few malayalam movies like 'Olangal' 'Yathra' etc., Most of the movies were talked-about ones, irrespective of commercial success.

After a break from the main stream cinema, he is coming back now with 'Athu Oru Kanakaalam'. Hope this movie does magic in the box office, to give a mental strength to this director and Dhanush (whose status is at an all-time low).

Ashok Kumar - The ace cameraman who had worked in films like Sooriyan, Jeans, Nanditadass's 'Sandstorm' (hindi) etc., had directed several controversial movies earlier. His 'Andru Peitha Mazhaiyil', the remake of 'Fatal attraction' was a controversial one at that time. He followed that with some hindi titles 'Kaamagni', 'Khajuraho' with his son in the lead, to woo the crowd. Even then, he couldn't register himself as a successful director, inspite of his nice camera tactics. His name was well known for his Cameraman role rather than the director role.

With 'Jeans' Team -- Pic Courtesy: TamilEntertainment.com

Suresh Menon - He came to the light all of a sudden when Revathy announced her marriage with him, during 'Punnagai Mannan's shoot. After marriage, he tried his luck into production & direction of 'Pudhiya Mugam' (Vineeth & Menon himself) and 'Paasa Malargal' (Arvind Samy, Revathy). But he couldn't succeed as a director, irrespective of Revathy magic. After making couple of tele serials, he is not in the scene anymore even as a cameraman. Does anyone know?

BR.Vijayalakshmi - India's first woman cinematographer & daugher of yesteryear family director Bandulu, directed 'Paatu Paada Vaa', which didn't succeed well in the BO. (just recall that jogging song 'Nil nil nil, pathil sol sol sol..' by IR). It seems, she has now moved into TV productions, after staying behind the camera for a while. Wise lady...and nice move.

PC.Sriram - He shot to the fame & is remaining at that level still, with his splendid work in films like Mouna Raagam, Nayagan, Agni Nakshatiram, May Madham, Kadhalar Dhinam, Idhayathai Thirudhathe, Apoorva Sagotharargal, Gopura Vasalile, Thiruda Thiruda and Alai Payuthey.

This Picture itself is poetic, isn't it? Pic Courtesy: Rediff

Eventhough he succeeded well behind the camera in movies & ad films, his directorial ventures didn't succeed commercially. Vikram's 'Meera' was a complete wash out, even though Kamal's 'Kuruthi Punal' and the recent 'Vaanam Vasapadum' were well appreciated for their stories. Hope to see many more magical camera work from this gentleman, who had trained many more young Cinematographers.

Rajiv Menon - Son of Mrs.Kalyani Menon (a Carnatic Musician - who delivered the initial lines of ARR's 'Alai Payuthee' number), he made his mark as a director with his hit-products 'Minsaara Kanavu' and 'Kandukondein Kandkukondein'. He had handled such a big star cast in both the movies successfully, eventhough screenplay wise he didn't impress me that well.

Handsome director. Pic Courtesy: ScreenIndia.com

Eventhough, his work as a Cinematographer for movies like Mani's 'Bombay', Girish Karnad's Cheluvi (Kannada), Shabna Azmi's 'Morning Raga' (Hindi) were well appreciated, he prefers to work more for ads. He has proved that he is a good master to extract emotions within that 1 minute. Just recall, some of his hit ads -- Horlicks, Coke, Cadburys, 'Shu shu Sugar boy' Bru ads. He even acted in one of the teleserial from Revathy's house. A capable guy, to act as an hero also.., if there is anyone to exploit it properly.

Santosh Sivan - He cranked the camera for several intersting movies like Thalapathi, Roja, Indira, Iruvar, Dil Se, Kalapani (Malayalam), Fiza (Hindi), Meenaxi:tale of 3 cities (Hindi), etc., Most of them were well noted movies, thanks to Sivan as well as the directors like Mani, Priyadharashan, MF. Hussein. In addition to winning the five national awards for cinematography he fulfilled his ambition of direction with movies like The Terrorist, Malli, Shah Rukh's Ashoka etc.,He was acclaimed internationally for several of the above ventures.

Courtesy: The Rediff

He was in the headlines recently, for a new malayalam movie. Hope to see many more classics from this potential person.

Thangar Bachan - He was behind the camera for many movies like Kadhal Kottai, Kaalamellam Kathal Vazhga, Bharathi, Pandavar Bhoomi etc., before moving into direction. Eventhough, his directorial ventures 'Azhagi', 'Solla Marantha Kathai' & 'Thendral' came out well, he couldn't make them commercially successful. Now he is getting into his new venture 'Chidambarathil oru Appasamy' with Navya Nair. His risk taking ability has to be appreciated well, because he is doing the lead role too. Keep the fingers crossed.. He may repeat the magic of 'Azhagi'.

Great Risk taking ability. Pic Courtesy - Yahoo

Jeeva - Inspite of his good run as a cameraman in movies like Vaali, Kushi, Snehgithiye, Run, Sachein etc., his stint as a director didn't run smoothly. His first movie '12B' was not a commercial hit eventhough it had both the top heroines of that time. His next venture 'Ullam Ketukumae' got released now (thru Supreme Court order), after staying in the can for 2 years. Eventhough, both his movies got decent reviews, BO success was not tasted by him. Will he go back to his Camera works in full swing & continue to register his name there?

KV.Anand - A talented former assistant of PC.Sriram, moved back to the headlines once again, for the reviews he got for his directorial debut 'Kana Kanden'. He, who got the national award for his very first film (Malayalam `Thenmavin Kombathu') has done several other memorable movies too as a Cameraman. Look into the list - Kadhal Desam, Mudhalvan, Virumbugiraen, Chellamae, Josh, The legend of Bhagat Singh, Khakhee etc., Hope he can deliver a lot more, in the near future.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Vijay Milton - had done some wonderful work behind the camera in movies like Vijay's Endrendrum Kaathal, Autograph, Srikanth's Bose, the latest sensational hit Kaadhal etc., Now he is trying his tricks as a director in Cheran's new production 'Azhagay Irrukirai Bayamai Irukiradhu' with Bharath in the lead. (Following the hindi films, in lengthy naming conventions) Can this new director make the entry a memorable one for him, like his other camera works? Too early to say, but let us wish that he does it.

Our Team's analysis shows that every C-T-D is not winning the race. Still, nothing wrong in some more directors in the fray. However,they should know that they can't depend on their camera skills alone. Something more are required for a director's role, which are the story and screenplay. If they can provide some interesting stuff, the audience will allow them to succeed in their new roles as well.

Let us wish for more breeze in the filmworld with this technically excellent directors.

Report Courtesy: Our DBI team officials