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Friday, December 23, 2005

Those who carried me...!!!!

"....." wheeler
Eventhough the Jet Airlines' services seemed to be OK, I couldn't fit myself in those economy class seat gaps comfortably...

Reason.. my long legs, as I mentioned in one of my earlier tag posts. Somehow, I managed those 5 hours with a book ("............" more on this later) which I bought in Changi Airport before departure.

4 Wheeler
My brother-in-law was in the Airport to pick me up. It took an hour's drive to Navi Mumbai. I have always heard about the traffic in Mumbai. But I have never experienced to this extent....

Eventhough, I am not comfortable with Indian driving these days (after my Singapore experience), my B-I-L drove thru the traffic with ease.... cutting the traffic in the same way as the auto drivers did. First day, I couldn't swallow the experience.... eventhough I was not the driver. Now I am OK with whoever driving the vehicle.

3 Wheeler
The surprising element is the Auto Charges, which I have paid so far. Compared to Chennai, we are finding this place more straight forward. I am not sure if Chennai Auto drivers are charging what is appearing on the meter. ('suudu' illaama..)

Here, we were charged 11Rs. per KM, while the meters were showing the no. of KMs driven by them... precisely, as 7.40 km etc., If they don't expect any "return passenger" from the destination, they tell us upfront that we will be charged with a 'published table' rate for the KMs driven.. which is 150% of the original rate. Eventhough, it sounded more or like Chennai way of charging, I still found them better to handle... :-) :-)

Multi Wheeler
I am commuting currently within Navi Mumbai area. So, there are no "crowd issues" in the trains upto Vashi. Hopefully next week, I may undergo the experience of visiting (old) Mumbai too... Since my wife arrived in Mumbai, 2 weeks earlier than me, she had briefed me about her experience in the crowded trains (even if it is ladies compartment) particularly in junctions like Kurla, Dadar, etc., I am scared already..... :-( :-(

Next likely post
Expect soon......... some more on my (completed) trips to, Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani (where Aamir Khan & Kiran Rao are hosting their wedding party next week)
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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jet-ting away from the stress....

Will be away for 2 weeks.. Going to Mumbai. :-) :-)

This is the third time I am landing there.

First time, for an interview - just for 2 days

Second time, while on an onward trip to Delhi - just for 2 hours

This time, just for a relief from the hectic office schedule. To catch up with some interesting things around the Business capital. If possible, I'll catch up with you guys.. Otherwise, U may have to excuse me... :-) :-)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Musical Count Down....

Year end has approached already... and it is time to evaluate.

Not my performance... but the journey thru the 2005's cine music extravaganza.

Already bloggers have started rating this year's releases, where I had even voted for my favourites. So, I have decided to skip all those ratings and wanted to bring out those songs which had mesmerized me & made me to listen to them repeatedly.

As I had mentioned, I am rating only those mesmerized me.. I might have excluded your favourites, inadvertently. If I had done so, pl. let me know...

10) "Kanmoodi Thirakkum Podhu..." from Sachein scored & sung by Sri Devi Prasad, was a nice song which didn't get the attention that much, since the movie was supposed to be a flop. Since, I liked the lyrics & the picturisation, it has been recognised into my final 10.

9) Eventhough "Unnai Saranadainthen ..." sung by Kalyani & Prasanna (or Piranna?) was not placed in the already lengthy Thavamai Thavamirundhu, I liked the tunes of Sabesh / Murali.

Initially, when I listened to it, I felt like listening to one of ARR's earlier compositions. Later, when I watched the movie, I could find only 'Nanae Tholaintha Kathai...' with the same tunes, still likeable. Other notable songs, which I liked in this movie were the romantic 'Enna Parkirai..' and the emotional 'Oru murai thaan..'. You should listen to the lyrics of 'Oru Murai thaan..' Reality may strike you.

8) I believe 'Uyire En Uyire...' from 'Thotti Jaya' by Haris Jeyaraj went unnoticed due to the violent theme of the movie. Still an interesting song to listen, sung by Karthik, Bombay Jayashree & Anuradha Sriram. Another interesting number from this movie was, 'Yaaridamum...' which was very much likeable.

7) 'Raa Raa..' from 'Chandramukhi' [Binni Krishnakumar - Thippu], has come into the list mainly because of the different presentation. I heard that these tunes had been borrowed by Vidyasagar from Kannada 'Apthamithra'. I felt that other songs had become hits, just because of Rajini. Nothing else.... Otherwise, they were not great numbers from Vidyasagar.

6) 'Theepidikka Theepidikka...' sung by Anushka & Premji (Gangai Amaran's son) in 'Arindhum Ariyaamalum' had made Arya an instant star. Kudos to YSR and the husky voice of Anushka. Another song which impressed me very much was 'En Kannodum...' sung by YSR himself. Beautiful picturisation too....

5) The only album by ARR during this year, was not capitalised very well by our great SJ.Suryah. Out of this, I would rate 'Mayileragae.. ' as a better one than others, due to the soothing voice of Madhushree & Naresh. An interesting observation by one of our blogger was that when you hear this song in a fast forward mode, you may get the rhythm of 'Maramkothiyea, Maramkothiyea...' song of the same movie. That's how I also felt.

Another interesting song from this movie 'Aararai kodi..' which I missed in the Great ARR Singapore show , was a comical song in the movie... still my son used to enjoy SJ.Suryah's comical movements in this song.

4) Without 'Iyengar Veetu azaghe...' from Anniyan the list won't end. Haris Jeyaraj with Hariharan & Harini in this song, really impressed the mass.. and also with all his other numbers. [I still like 'Rendakka' for its colorful presentation & 'Kumari' for Amsterdam]

3) Eventhough 'Andha Naal Nyabagam..' ('Athu Oru Kana Kalam') resembled one of Ilayaraja's old classic, the soothing voice of Vijay Jesudoss & Shreya Ghoshal had pushed it to greater heights. Unfortunately, the individual performances of everyone involved in this project didn't make it to click in BO. Lucky next time...

2) Jeeva had a lucky deal with Ameer, when they came out with 'Raam'. An excellent collection of songs from YSR, had also helped them to get an instant recognition for this movie --- in addition to the screenplay. The soothing voice of KJ.Jesudoss in his 'Arariraro..' and the emotional shots had made this song to get this slot. Another number which impressed me a lot in this movie was 'Nizhalinai nijamum..' sung by Vijay Jesudoss.

1) What else can snatch the first place, other than 'Suttum Vizhi Sudare...' from Ghajini. An attractive song of the year from Harris Jeyaraj, sung by Sriram Parthasarathy & Bombay Jayashree, made me to make a maiden attempt during the deepavali season.

The way it was shot, along with those acceptable lyrics & superb performance by Surya & Asin had pushed it up in the ladder to this height. ['Oru malai..' was another favourite of mine in this movie, in which Surya's dance had revealed his improved performances]. Kudos to the team.... :-) :-) It is unfortunate that Asin had not signed any movies still.... :-( :-(

The other numbers which I considered before short listing the above were the following numbers.

Noothana - Karka Kasadara - Prayok [Haris Raghavendar - Chinmayi]
Chinna Chinna - Kana Kandein - Vidyasagar [Thippu - Sunitha Sarathy]
Khajiraho - Oru naal Oru Kanavu - IR [Hariharan & Shreya Ghoshal]
Pani Thulli - Kanda Naal Mudhal - YSR [Shreya Ghoshal, Kay Kay & Thanvi]
Saami Kitta - Daas - YSR [Hariharan & Shreya Ghoshal]

Some notable /intentional misses are from Maayaavi, Oru Kalluriyin Kathai, Sivakasi, Majaa, Mumbai Express and new releases like Sandaikozhi, Kalvanin Kadhali, Dishoom etc.,

What do you think?
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Declining growth rate

"According to one UN estimate cited by DCAF, between 113m and 200m women are now demographically “missing”. This gender gap is a result of the aborting of girl foetuses and infanticide in countries where boys are preferred; lack of food and medical attention that goes instead to brothers, fathers, husbands and sons; so-called “honour killings” and dowry deaths; and other sorts of domestic violence. It implies that each year between 1.5m and 3m women and girls are lost to gender-based violence. In other words, every two to four years the world looks away from a victim count on the scale of Hitler's Holocaust." - The Economist

The above article is an alarm on the dangerous drop in women growth rate, which is already creating issues all over and may aggrevate them.

If they are low in number - as in certain asian cities in Philipines, China, India etc., (the ratio varies between 1 : 1.2 and an alarming 1 : 1.4), they will be the most likely targets of assault. More Men Vs Less women -- You can visualise the chaotic situation. However, the general public is still not aware of this equation and prefer to have more boys.. who they feel as supportive at the elder age.

I believe this trend is changing slowly, but not at a pace required by the nature to balance the imbalance. I feel the regional Governments have to take intiative in this regard to educate people to prevent the decline in women growth rate. This would be more or less similar to the family planning initiatives promoted by them few decades back.

Now itself, I could hear from my family circles / friends that there are less no. of girls to get married eventhough we have enough would-be grooms. I hope this demand for girls would reduce the dowry issues as well - which is prevalent in many asian nations, not only in India.

Just a positive hope....
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Monday, December 12, 2005

Thavamai Thavamirundhu - Review

I used to always appreciate Cheran for the way he conceives the screenplay based on a simple known social message.

Caste in 'Bharathi Kannamma", Handicap support in "Porkaalam", Politics in 'Dheesiya Geetham', Self-employment in 'Vetri Kodi Kattu', Rural life in "Paandavar Bhoomi'.. etc., He deviated in 'Autograph' with love as the main focus and succeeded. So, obviously people might have built up their expectations on his next movie.

He hasn't failed us. This time the crux of the movie is a Dad's expectation that "his children shouldn't think at a later stage that he didn't bring them up / educate them properly". It tends to happen when the child talks back after he has grown up, that he would have prospered well, provided his Dad had given enough opportunities in life. I have heard those words personally. So, I got impressed immediately.

The way the movie starts, may remind us of 'Autograph' since the story goes on a flashback mode here also. Luckily, he stops with that similarity.

The story revolves on the efforts of Muthiah (Rajkiran) to bring up his 2 sons, inspite of his cash crunch. At one point of time, the elder son (FM DJ Senthil) goes out of the joint family with his wife. While the family is going thru those emotional moments, the second son (Cheran) takes an important decision to support his lover. The emotional moments following that decision and subsequent reunion with parents have been beautifully narrated.

Rajkiran and Saranya, as his wife, are excellently portrayed in their roles and the former gets more opportunities. After Cheran's earlier 'Paandavar Bhoomi', Rajkiran has been used properly by the same director once again. He is excellent thru out the movie.

Padmapriya is too good as the lover (with her matured look) and an appreciable homely housewife. She fits in the emotional scenes with ease - when the story moves around in Chennai / in the village / in the climax. She has lived in as the character thru out the movie. Cheran has improved a lot compared to his earlier 'Solla marandha kathai' and 'Autograph', eventhough certain expressions are still the same (particulary, the emotional ones).

Only 3 more main characters remain in the movie - played by Senthil (FM DJ) as Cheran's brother, his wife and Ilavarasu as Rajkiran's assistant. They have also done commendably.

Eventhough the intial moments of the lovers in Chennai reminded me of 'Kathal' movie, locations are aptly selected thru out the movie - whether it is Chettinad-karaikudi or Chennai or Madurai.

I liked those two numbers of Sabesh-Murali (Deva's brothers). Eventhough I expected to see the song 'Unnai Saran Adaintheen' in the movie, it has been replaced by 'Naane Tholaindha kathai...' with the same tunes. Still it is OK. 'Enna Parkirai..' shot along with the first twist of the story has been captured well. Few other numbers appreciating the Dad & Son's emotional thoughts were well written too.

1) The casting, particularly of Rajkiran, Saranya & Padmapriya.
2) Eventhough you may need a hanky at times, the scenes are not dramatic. They are required for the strength of the movie. I was really moved in few scenes, particularly when the couple apologize to their parents and when they realise their lonely situation in Chennai.
3) As usual, the message which the movies carries with it. Worth mentioning plot.

1) Too long - 3 hrs 20 minutes, with some slow momemts. Eventhough Cheran tried to trim down in few places, he had good scope to cut some more - like those younger days when they go for excursion with a song. Still he has tightly woven most of them.

Worth watching, provided you have allocated some good time for it and you love emotional (not dramatic) flicks.

My Earlier Reviews - Limited edition (munch them, if you hvn't)
Majaa / Ghajini / Anniyan / Ullam Ketkumae / Sachein

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Friday, December 09, 2005


Education Qualification: MBA from Kirloskar Institute

Previous Career: Risk Consultant in GE Bangalore / Gurgoan

Present Career: Actress - paired with Mamooty in 'Kazcha' & 'Rajamanikyam' now with Cheran in "T..T..."

Projects on hand: 'Pattiyal' in tamil with Arya and 'Vadakumnathan' in Malayalam with Mohanlal.

Pramatham... ...

That was an impressive(!!) bio-data of Padmapriya. But, I was just wondering about the trigger, which had pulled her into the cine industry. Her reply is 'Nothing but Passion'

Of late, we are able to see more no. of professionals into the acting career. Gone are the days, when we would have seen many famous stars who entered the industry passionately without spending much time on education. I can qualify most of the heroes in that category. I could remember Arvindsamy, Dr.Rajasekar as exceptional ones. May be, some of the young breeds too are exceptions. What about Madhavan??

However, I found it hard to locate any heroines with an educational / entrepreneurial skills at their initial stage of career itself. Probably they might have thought those skills as a waste of time. Or they might have been pulled in early by the creators for their youthful faces...

Eventhough, Padmapriya looks very matured, she seems to be very impressive in acting. However, with the influx of so many talented mallu actresses in the last one year - like Asin, Navya Nair, Gopika, Nayanthara (Yet to be exploited!!), Meera Jasmine - I feel there would be a tough competition to get offers. Need to wait and see if she climbs up in this career ladder as well.

Titbits: Normally, all the new movies will be released in Singapore on the same day as in Chennai or one/two day(s) prior to Chennai release. This time, I'm disappointed that "Thavamai Thavamirunthu" has not yet been released here. Am not sure, if Cheran couldn't release due to the Producers issue.
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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Katta Panchayathu

Yesterday for the first time in the MRT (train), I observed this ad given by the "Community Mediation Centre" which was formed here under an act.

Two neighbours have heated arguments on some issues and then decide to go to CMC. Based on an informal counselling over there, they get settled down with the opinion differences and become adjustable neighbours.

Liked the concept and the purpose for which CMC was formed. It seems it was formed in 1998 for all amicable out of court settlements for minor squabbles like this.

I knew, in India all sorts of these things are sorted by "kattai panchayats" amicably... and law doesn't have much time to sort all these things. However, I'm just wondering as to how many CMCs we may need, if a similar concept is implemented?

May be a million or "n" million?? Any guess!!!And what about other countries?

In India, there is another side to it... Some may ask "How dare can an outsider enter our squabbles?"
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Our family friends were blessed with a baby last week and we went to meet them in the hospital. Their case was a special one to mention.

Eventhough, they have daughters already, they were longing for a boy baby for a long time and this kid has joined their world nearly after 13 years of their marriage. The thrilling part was that they didn't want to scan and get upset, if they had realised it as a girl [the preference of boy, was due to the fact that they have daughters already]. Eventhough the thrill had put the mother under lot of mental stress, they were blessed with a boy baby finally.. Their daughters were also happy to receive a brother.

After coming back home, my wife was talking about one of her friend's experience with scanning.

It seems her friend was taking care of her elder sister, during the pregnancy time. When they went for scanning, they had been advised that it would be a boy. However, when the time arrived, the mother delivered a girl. When her sister (my wife's friend) and her husband were informed about this, it seems they refused to accept the fact that it was a girl. They feared that the hospital authorities might have swapped the babies.

Finally, after seeing the baby, they got convinced and swallowed the fact, it seems (eventhough there were disappointments, since their expectations had failed them).

Both were different sides of the coin, isn't it?
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

How long does it take, to mould an artiste?

It was a surprising unexpected news.. that Asin is out of much talked about 'Jillendru Oru Kaathal' and Bhumika is replacing her. Eventhough Asin worked on a strategy to quit the project, it may be hard to consider Bhumika as a replacement. Unlike Asin, who emoted well in her initial movies itself, Bhumika is still learning to express thru her face.

Bhumika who got introduced in 'Roja Kootam' and continued with Vijay's 'Badri', was recongised instantly due to her attractive face. However, acting wise she never got improved. Even recently, I saw one of her Hindi movies in which she retained a face without much emotion, even when the situation demanded it. Not sure, if she can show an improved perfomance in 'J..O..K..', to compete with talented(!!) Jothika and Surya.

If you take actors like Surya, Vijay etc., I agree that their performances improved only in their subsequent movies. However, they tried to manage in the interim movies with fighting sequences and dances without emoting much. However, heroines are required to show some emotions to remain in the field. Otherwise, they need to quit the field quickly like Kiran. They cannot depend only on the glamour...

Consider some of our heroines, who gained experience over a period of time. "Kizakke Pogum Rail" Radhika and "Kizakku Cheemaiyilae" Radhika are poles apart. Take Sulakshna of 'Thuural Ninnu Pocchu' and Sulakshna of "Sindhu Bhairavi". The way they had moulded their careers was amazing.

Consider Tara, who got introduced in Manivannan's 'Ingeyum Oru Gangai'. Eventhough she didn't get much break in Tamil, she showed a considerable improvement in 'Nayagan' as Kamal's sister. Her performances in her homeland (Kannada), had gone beyond heights and recently she got the national award for the 'best actress'.

Nowadays, our small screens are changing them a lot. Take Devayani. Her film career and the present career are completely different, in terms of performance.

Eventhough experience counts, some artistes remain same even after a couple of movies training. In my perception, Bhumika belongs to this cateogory. Some of you may disagree. Still, I would be glad if she does justice to the important role which she has bagged in 'J..O..K..'. Hope, director Krishna too does justice to the valuable resources which he has got now.. Surya, Jothika, AR.Rahman...

Titbit: Initial rumours that Nila will be the leading lady with Vijay in SJ.Suryah's 'Puli' has been thwarted with the latest news that Asin will do the role (as confirmed by her in the Sify interview). So, will Nila play a second fiddle in the movie, which is likely to be an action packed movie with Vijay's first ever Cop role? Let us wait and see...
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Pic Courtesy: Sify.com