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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi – Review

Didn’t expect this to happen…… since my plan for the evening was to watch the Wimbledon final between Henin & Mauresmo.

But it happened on our friends’ insistence, even after a doubtful article like this . I myself had my own apprehensions earlier .

When Shankar had decided to invest so much on a new director, what could have been his expectations. May be, that the novel idea will click if the known story is packaged with timely comedy. Now, I believe his risk taking ability may be rewarded adequately. I could realize it when I saw the crowd on the first day. Even some super star films would not have attracted such a full house on the very first day, here in Singapore.

The story is nothing new. Most of the tamil movie goers would have seen similar stories ‘n’ number of times from the historical season to the latest rap-song season. But the way it has been packaged, it can pull in more crowd (irrespective of the school reopening).

The story has been set during the Initial British era. The twin sons of the king get separated by their Villainous Uncle (Nasser) who is also the Rajaguru, based on the astrologer’s predictions. The elder one christened as 23rd Pulikesi has been portrayed as a fun loving King without caring about the citizens, against his Mother’s (Manorama) good wishes. The second one, Ukkirabuddhan, replaces Pulikesi at an appropriate time, to do good deeds during the Rajaguru’s absence in the country. At the end, the kingdom gets a good government of Pulikesi.

The entire first half is full of comical scenes, some evoking great laughter. Eventhough there are few sagging moments in the screenplay immediately after the intermission, the debutant director Simbudevan had taken utmost care to ensure that majority of the scenes evoke some laughter every now and then.

Along with the comedy scenes, the director had combined lots of scenario from the current political arena. You can take any issues like Child labour, Illegal award of contracts, Caste fights. Unworthy Arms deal, Govt employees lethargic attitude and you can add on. In addition certain punch dialogues poke fun on the usage of Rainwater savings scheme, and so on.

Monica (‘Indira’s ‘Nila kaaikiradhu…’ girl) & Tejashree fit the bill as the heroines.

Music by Sabesh-Murali fits the movie for its period story, eventhough it doesn’t add any special attraction. But some song sequences evoke laugther especially the first one ‘Aah adi Va’ with a group of dancers in the Anthapuram and ‘Panju methai Kaniyae’ a duet with Tejashree.

1) Vadivelu’s performance is as expected and you can’t find any fault with his expressions & timing sense. Ilavarasu has done a good job as the chief minister of the King. Eventhough Director Manobala appears in a cameo as the corrupt arms maker, his presence could be well remembered with a big laugh at the climax scene.
2) The screenplay doesn’t let the audience down, irrespective of the few minutes slackness after intermission. Even the messages which the director wanted to tell the audience, have been inserted appropriately.

1) Eventhough Vadivelu’s tummy is Ok for the Pulikesi role, it doesn’t suit the heroic Ukkirabuddhan role. Since we were not used to watching him preaching in subdued voice, certain portions of the movie don’t gel well with the comical portion.

Worth watching, provided you like funny (but clean) comedy like ‘Muhamad-Bin-Thuklaq’ and still you like to read the comical stories.

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