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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tips from an unexpected visitor

Normally we can expect the TV crew in the midst of a riot or political sensational issue, very quickly. We can expect that the TV crew might have been tipped by some body else in advance.

I had a doubt, after seeing the following picture…

Has the photographer (whether TamilMurasu employee or somebody else) expected that the dog will come into the class room on that day? Looks like, the dog might have tipped him/her…

Pic Courtesy: Tamil Murasu
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Friday, March 24, 2006

EC to tackle SMS

Normally the Election propaganda should be concluded 24 hours prior to the start of the election day. Isn’t it?

In the modern era, with SMS propaganda happening, what would be the Election Commission’s stand if these SMS are sent out during those 24 hours prior to & on the Election Day. Will they be considered as violation of Model code of Poll Conduct like this?

Believe, they may have to strike a deal with the Mobile service providers, to arrest these type of SMS.. That may be the only way. Isn’t it?

Other side of the coin… Will that be considered as violation of basic human rights [of sending SMS]?

Pic Courtesy: Tamil Murasu
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

To make migration, easy…

Another way to migrate to rich countries… as these players have done it.

Ok.. that’s a long report. To make it short…

“… War-ravaged Sierra Leone has now lost half of its team after another four of its competitors vanished. Boxers Gibrilla Kanu and Alie Kargbo and two cyclists, believed to be Alhassan Bangura and Mohamed Sesay, became the latest to go missing.

Seven vanished on Wednesday -- a weightlifter and six members of the athletics team. That takes the total to 11 missing from a delegation of 22. Sierra Leone is one of the world's poorest and most corrupt countries and 21 of its team of 30 went missing at the last Games in Manchester four years ago.

They have visas until April 26 and will not be considered illegal aliens until then, police have said…”

Seems these guys have exploited, this opportunity to visit the country and mix in the ocean of illegal immigrants. I am assuming that they will stay even after Apr-26 without a valid visa. Difficult to blame them as well, considering their economy’s situation. This has become an inherent problem all over the world, in the ‘so-called’ rich countries.

Consequences of being ‘Rich’…. !!!

[Nowadays, I am observing lot of African nationals in Singapore Little India area also (behind Mustafa) .... Not sure, if they belong to the above category!!]
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Isn’t it too early?

Isn’t it too early to compare Vishnuvardhan with Manirathnam?

Eventhough most of the websites claim his ‘Arinthum Ariyaamalum’ as his debut movie, his original debut ‘Kurumbu’ can easily be ignored. Being a remake of a telugu movie of its hero Naresh, it had so much of Andhra shade. Luckily, Vishnu changed his track in ‘A..A..’ and presented a different relationship between Prakash Raj & Arya and showed that we could expect something out of him in the next movie. Now, he has proved that he can present a hit in the form of ‘Pattiyal’ realistically with a known story plot.

Kudos to the boy, who is being compared with Mani, the person who made him to dance in ‘Anjali’ for few songs.

I would say that Mani’s earlier movies were also not outstanding movies, eventhough they were different from the normal movies of those days. Take for example, ‘Pagal Nilavu’. I remember Satyaraj quoting to another actor, ‘Whether this director knows how to survive in the industry?’ during the shooting of the movie. But Mani proved with his subsequent movies, that he was there to stay for a long period.

But still, I feel that it is too early to compare Vishnu with Mani.

However, it is a healthier sign for the industry, if I refer to my earlier post again. Let us hope more, to get interesting outputs from this guy.
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Photogenic pic … A Substance of deception

Sometimes photographs give us a rosy picture. Am not sure, if that logic applies to this picture also, attracting Chennai residents with promotional offers for this summer.

During most of my travel time, I never used to be impressed with the real location compared to the pictures what I had seen elsewhere. They always used to have a nice photo finish in the pics compared to the real location, as a marketing strategy. So, whenever I visit a place --- I used to go with a discounted expectation.

Sometimes, I do get 100% satisfaction compared to my expectation, eventhough it doesn’t happen always… Hope, this resort won’t fail to impress the visitors.

BTW.. does it apply to ‘Photogenic’ faces also? I have observed in many cases that the personal look and the photo image contradict a lot, including _____ :-) :-) :-)
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wanted: Fresh air, not a polluted one

When we look into these type of marriages , it makes us to think as to why they need a separate party, first of all?

We can list down ‘n’ no. of guys who started their own party and later either dismantled or merged with some other party. I could recall few of them, as below…

Vai Ko (still surviving with different alliances)
P. Chidambaram
S.Kannappan (in the nearby picture)
Sivaji Ganesan
T. (Vijaya) Rajendar

Now, our CAPTAIN….

They always make a mistake of judgment thinking that they can do what MGR did. Even, Jayalalitha could win back the mass support only after her faction’s merger with Janaki’s faction. MGR had such a huge support, due to his cine hero (well-wisher) image, which made him to start his own party, after his exit from DMK.

Eventhough the above politicians / actors have support of the people of a small section, it may be due to their caste or for professional glamour. Definitely, not for other issues which they claim to eradicate / solve.

If we need a new political party to uproot the Dravidian parties from power, it needs lot of work from the grass root level and it may take even another 10 years to come to the power. May be Vai Ko has the ability to do it… But it depends, whether the corruption & mismanagement skills of the existing parties will be carried to the new party as well. In that case, induction of a new team won’t bring a change in the system.

Am not sure still, if we will be able to see a new refreshing team soon, free of the existing political evils.
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Risk taking – Who will be the victim?

Will it be Parthipan or Namitha? This is the question which came to my mind, when I observed that Parthipan is making her to act in his ‘Pachakuthirai’

After staying there for quiet a while as a glamour girl, Namitha is testing the waters with a different getup in this movie. So far, the directors might not have tried to portray her in a different makeup other than the glamorous one. As usual, Parthipan is trying to take the risk of investing money on this project with additional risk of giving an actress role to Namitha. But, I’m sure he will use all his mischievous tricks of his earlier day movies.

Is Namitha trying this, to stay in the market? Has she realized that, she need to act as well to face competition? All depends on the outcome of this movie.

This picture reminds me of Sujatha in KB’s ‘Avargal’. Definitely, this ‘Pachakuthirai’ may not come nearer to that classic. Let us wait and see, what more is in this movie for us.

Some more images here….
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Monday, March 06, 2006

Expecting a revamp…

Is there a Panic among our stars?

Looks like… the way they are scrambling for stories. Instead, I should put it as Screenplay.

This raises the question which was hidden underneath….. during the recent days.

Whether the Rs.1000 crore plus (annual) industry needs a revamp as the Bollywood got in the recent past?

Just have a glance, on the proportion. Compared to yesteryears, the proportionate no. of quality movies have increased in Bollywood during the last 2 years.

Ek Hasina Thi,
My Brother Nikhil,
My wife’s Murder,
Salaam Namaste,
Bluff Master,
15 Park Avenue,
Rang De Basanti…..

Compared to Bollywood, Tamil Industry (I despise calling it ‘Kollywood’) used to churn out more quality movies always, in proportion to its total output. However, in the recent years the outputs are getting burnt due to poorly conceived screenplays, which has resulted in the drop of quality movies' proportion compared to previous years… Just take a look into the well conceived movies of last two years, in my perception.

Azaghiya Theeyae,
7G Rainbow colony,
Kana Kandein,
Thavamai Thavamirundhu,
Kanda Naal Mudhal

It is a generally acceptable theory that there are only few story knots on which the screenplay can be built.

Social consciousness / Political
Generic / mixed

Even though, the knots are less, the industry was surviving for the last 8 decades merely based on the screenplay and the performance of the starcast. Now the real danger is coming up due to the economical reforms [opening of several industries] and the results. More international products (I mean, movies) are made available to the audience, in the local language itself. In addition, the satellite channels are providing the entertainment in a full swing on the same knots.

All these issues have definitely put the industry under pressure, in addition to the recent Producers' council fights. So, definitely it needs a makeover with some quality deliveries. Already the younger brother (I mean, Satellite channels) has beaten the elder brother by attracting more audience.

Unless the Elder bro wakes up and do something, the following would be the likely scenarios, as happening in other Industries…
1) Shrinking business volume
2) Less no. of players
3) Less no. of years of stay for the players

Already, we are experiencing the last scenario, due to disappearance of more no. of yesteryear stars.

The first two may be avoided most likely, with the emergence of the last scenario in a big way. Net net, if we get good deliveries we should be happy.
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Thursday, March 02, 2006

AMMA on the cover

Apt time for a report on AMMA, when the election fever is spreading...

Read out this article and the reasoning given by the authors of this book

Will actor Senthil talk on the stage like this? 'Englishkaaranga kuuda AMMA-ava pugazraanga!!!' Who knows? It may happen...

Pic Courtesy: The HINDU
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